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Title: Bravura Victuals VI
Medium: Photography
Photographer: Johan Ishak
Item 1: Medallion Mushrooms
Item 2: Medallion Onions
Item 3: Medallion Blue Cheese
Item 4: Ranch Style Beans
Time/Date: 9:00pm; 26 Mar 2011
Venue: Tony Romas e@Curve


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Title: Terima Kasih Cinta
Type: Musical Theatre
Genre: Urban Malay Romantic Drama
Year: February/March 2011
Length: 3 hours
Producer: Boudeng Edruce
Directors: Pat Ibrahim (Stage & Choreography), Roslan Aziz (Music) & Raja Malik (Art)
Writer: Dato' Rahman Ahmad
Script: Nizam Zakaria
Association with: Primeworks Studios Sdn Bhd & Creative Partnership Sdn Bhd
Main Casts: Tony Eusoff, Norish Karman, Latif Ibrahim, Safura Ya'cob, Shajiry Damery, Farahdhiya, Deja Moss, Anding Indrawani, Vince Chong & Nadia Aqilah


The artistic choreography by Pat Ibrahim is full of emotions whilst the musical arrangements by Roslan Aziz on the best selection of Malay songs simply completes what is meant to be one of the most heartfelt musical theatre in Malaysia

am not a heavy follower of musical theatre. Even with some years living in London, believe it or not, I had never gone for any theatre show - despite people shouting about Phantom of the Opera and the like. For this lack of 'culture', years back, I went for Tun Perak and Puteri Gunung Ledang. It was superb. So, to bring justice to local talents in the theatre arena, I feel compelled to support local musical theatre. Some are good, some are not, but Terima Kasih Cinta, is certainly a recommendation you'd thank me for because you'll leave Istana Budaya with a heartfelt thank you for love.

Terima Kasih Cinta is a mixture of 5 love stories, some with happy ending, some dramatic. The brilliant choice of casting adds character to the story. The plot and how the 5 stories intertwined each other makes it sophisticated. The effective use of stage, props and lighting sets the mood right. The artistic choreography by Pat Ibrahim is full of emotions whilst the musical arrangements by Roslan Aziz on the best selection of Malay songs simply completes what is meant to be one of the most heartfelt musical theatre in Malaysia. Some of the songs selected are:

1. Permata Untuk Isteri (Kopratasa)
2. Dia (Sheila Majid)
3. Berkorban Apa Saja (P.Ramlee)
4. Janji Manismu (Aisyah)
5. Impian Anak Jalanan (Kembara)
6. Sekian Lama (Siti Nurhaliza)
7. Cinta (Misha Omar/Jaclyn Victor)
8. Kau Ilhamku (Man Bai)
9. Belaian Jiwa (Carefree)
10. Sejati (Wings)
11. Perpisahan (Anuar Zain), and
12. Terima Kasih (Roslan Aziz Production)

A fantastic aesthetic idea worth sharing is how viewers do not get lost in the 5 intertwined stories by the use of colour coding. The wardrobe for each story was carefully arranged so that each story is represented by different colours: Orange, Blue, Pink, Yellow and Green. The colours are the love saga as follows:


A crumbling marriage full of melancholic moments, worsened by betrayal, regrets, frustration and the break of a family. Haris (Tony) and Airin (Norish) struggled to sustain their love and to discharge their parenthood responsibility to their only daughter. The former bogged down with his career and the latter facing solitude. A typical reflection of modern age families that many fear to be the cancer of the deteriorating society as far as family values are concerned. Tony and Norish certainly made an impact to a lot of long hours working husbands sitting there at Istana Budaya (including me).


Rubiah (Safura) & Cikgu Elyas (Latif Ibrahim), both veterans in life, who have experienced love previously, now is given the chance to embrace love again. A sincere radiation of love that was not corrupted by youth and lust suggesting that the excitement of love is not confined to the younger generation only. This is fact of life. People aged 50 and above often go through loneliness from the lost of their companions (death or otherwise). These people deserve a second chance in life to experience love. Safura and Latif Ibrahim certainly made a profound impact to those of older generation in the crowd who has similar life story.


We often read about the rich and famous changing their companions like renewal of driving license. Whilst this is perceived to be 'wild' life of the rich and famous, deep down inside the hearts of these celebrities, they too have their own love saga. Azlan (Shajiry), a playboy and a celebrity, never really understood what love is until his heart was pierced by Azura (Farahdhiya). Only at that moment did Azlan realise that all this while, he never really did experience real love. To have discovered what real love is sets the motion for a romantic tale that was superbly expressed by the boyish look of Shajiry and the beauty of Farahdhiya.


Dian (Deja), a successful career middle aged woman, who got trapped in a life without reciprocal of love from a man, finds herself valuing the love for her only brother Dani (Anding). The sister-brother relationship that got tarnished over the years was about to get reconciled but only to end with the misery of death. Many audience would have gone through such crisis with their siblings. This composition of acting by Deja and Anding may only be the right remedy in reminding us to value the love between siblings before they return to the Almighty. Death is a tragedy but the certainty of its eventuality can be very painful to those who are still living.


Many youth go through frustration in life. It is part of growing up. You find love and you lose it. For some it happens frequently and others at least once. But such sadness somehow finds its way to a happy ending. The term "Blessing in Disguise" is probably the best description of Arianna's (Nadia) journey through life. In the midst of losing love, she found a new one by the name of Taufik (Vince). I am sure many of you are reminded of your younger days when you got heart broken. And for many of you also, you find new love. To paint such young love, Vince, with his Clark Kent nerdish style, and Nadia, a bubbly innocent sweet girl, really is a perfect casting solution.

These 5 saga of Terima Kasih Cinta highlights the power of love that is experienced by many in their daily lives. You can experience love in many ways: You fall in love. You lose love. You can be loved. You can renew love. You can replace love. You can remember love. You can desire love. You can sacrifice love. Indeed, love is a powerful phenomenon.

Experience love with Terima Kasih Cinta

An orange betrayal...

A blue reborn love...

A pink love at first sight...

A yellow family crisis...

A green discovery...

A saga of 5 love stories...

(The show at Istana Budaya ended on 6 March 2011. However, there is bound to be a recorded version on DVD or on TV. If you are lucky, they might do it again at Istana Budaya. Whatever it is, if you have not experienced the expression of love the Terima Kasih Cinta way, you ought to grab the first chance when it is made available to you)


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Title: Melangkah X
Medium: Photography
Photographer: Johan Ishak
Model: Johan Ishak
Time/Date: 5:35pm; 5 Mar 2011
Venue: Section 13 Shah Alam

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