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Title: The Black Swan
Medium: Photography
Photographer: Johan Ishak
Time/Date: 8:00 pm, {Date not recorded}, 1998
Place of creation: Lake off Moondine Drive, Wembley, Perth

years of living in Perth introduced to me a special species of swan, the Black Swan. As I know it, I don't think you can get Black Swans anywhere else in the world. Even if you can, they'd probably imported them from Australia. This magnificent creature is majestic. Pure black feathers, black peak (sometimes red) and can stretch their wings to a length of 2 to 3 metres or so (combined both sides).

So I decided to snap a photo of these swans at a lake nearby my apartment in Wembley, Perth. I cannot remember the name of the lake but it was certainly by the road leading to my apartment, the Moondine Drive. I couldn't get near them fearing being attacked by them. What was more worrying were not those swans. I was more worried about the tiger snakes that lived in the same habitat. A wet swampy lake with plenty of frogs as their dinner with the December summer sunlight attracting these snakes to sun bath on the greens. They are, after all, listed in the top-5 most poisonous land snakes in the world. Naturally, I snapped from far.

It was already 8:00 pm at that time and the sun was disappearing replacing the sky with a blanket of orange-red inferno like clouds stretching from the space above me all the way to the horizon in front. It was difficult to get a good shot. By the time I got a steady shot of a hen-swan with its baby swimming (or floating rather), it was already dark enough not to reveal the details of the swans. Since the swan is black anyway, I figured, what the hell, a silhouette would do. Hence this shot, "The Black Swan",... from far.

Dedicated to my frineds of the good ole Perth days: Din, Fos, Amil, Zam, Lili, Pi'e, Shuk, Shidi, Nan, Hatta as well as my Aussie friends Will, Nick, Webbers, Christine, Stephanie, Georgina and others from Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.


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Title: Loneliness
Medium: Photography
Photographer: Johan Ishak
Time/Date: {Time and date not recorded}, 2000
Place of creation: Shah Alam

HOTOGRAPHY is a form of art which I admire. The attached photo is my first attachment on the blog for photography. The photograph was taken using a simple automatic Olympus camera. Nothing expensive. Whilst a higher resolution camera has the ability to focus with clarity and impose fantastic effects, a simple photography can produce the intended metaphoric feel by having the right combination of background, colour scheme, choice of object(s), positioning of silhoette or light source; and most importantly, timing, to capture the moments (hence the phrase "the Kodak Moments").

This piece had no title since the day it was photographed. I have decided to call it "Loneliness" as it is attached to my blog spot for my poem "Kesunyian" (Malay for "Loneliness"). Of course this one was chosen to partner that particular piece of poem because it does, somehow, potray that dark feeling of melancholy, despite having a very bright background with the presence of ample light.

A plain white wall and concrete floor: a simplicity depicting an absence of joy. A shadow of an awning potraying insecurity whereby there is a need to shelter under another's care. A leafless plant and an empty shell: a desastrous existence without life. Whilst the plant has the companion of the shell, it is no more than a physical proximity that means nothing (just like an out-of-job musician with his broken guitar).

This whole combination is intended to create the feeling of "Loneliness", a state of emotion that no one deserves to suffer. Yet we humans, still face it occasionally, if not continuously (like some miserable souls we may encounter in our lives), as how God intended it to be. Death, wars, divorces, separations, quarantines, punishments or even lost of faith. All these impose "Loneliness" onto us. Who are we to challenge God's preordained plan destined to be the saga of our lives?


at 5:43 PM

Johan Ishak
Oil on Canvas
30cm X 25cm
2 Jan 2006
Chiswick, London

HRISTMAS was just a week ago when I decided to embark on my second attempt of oil on canvas (It was 2 January 2006). All alone with family back home in Malaysia as well as having the luxury of utilising the remaining days of my annual leave, I naturally spent my time walking around the High Street of Chiswick. London seemed improved over the last week or so as city dwellers returned to their beloved cramped apartments and monthly GBP85 UNDERGROUND Oyster travel tickets. Londoners were back on the streets after being drunk of Christmas and New Year's wine and dine.

Anyway, the High Street has always amazed me. You can get almost everything: the groceries from Sainsbury, cigarettes from Tesco Express, movies from Blockbusters, pressies from GAP, coffee from Starbucks, cakes from M&S, cheap specialised book stores... you name it. But one shop caught my attention on that day. A unique fusion restaurant combining the taste of African cuisine and Mediterranean ambience. So I went in for a taste of cous cous in a soothing environment of various African artifacts hanging on the walls and combination of earthly colours: The only word that came to mind was "Brown".

Africa is very "Brown". Brown of desert and wide sprawling open land with brown creatures such as lions, antelopes and the like. In art, often natural real life colours are not represented accurately simply to introduce the elements of aesthetic value or mood. So I decided to adopt "Orange", being the closest vibrant colour in the "Brown" family (Not sure whether I make sense here but who cares, it's my painting). Thus, African Amberdawn came to live.

Amberdawn, literally means what it means: An orange sun rise, a word I learnt from a name of a song by Yngwie Johann Malmsteen (also the name of his family member, Amberdawn Malmsteen). I had a vision of a day-break with the first light hitting the divine angle of spectrum giving rise to a magnificent amber sky enveloping Africa all the way to the horizon. On the God-blessed land of Africa, creatures of all sorts roused up in excitement of a brand new day. Herds moved in unity across the plain, as if controlled by a dictator, only to reveal their silhouette inviting curiosity in our minds: "What are those creatures?"

Exactly, "What are those creatures?". I have no idea to be honest. I just painted what came to my mind (supposedly antelopes of some sort) but somehow turned out to be some weird creature with demonic horns - a result of imperfection, a reflection of how human I am to have painted such anomaly. In any case, it was my 2nd attempt of oil on canvas. I should expect viewers to click "Amateurish" in the "Reaction" options at the bottom of the blog post. Will endeavour to improve. Cheers


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Johan Ishak
Oil on Canvas
25cm X 30cm
25 Dec 2005
12:00 am
Chiswick, London

Given as a gift to Fawzita Ishak

ROMISED earlier, in my blog manifesto, was my commitment to various forms of art display. So far, poems have been published. This time, I think I should make my fine arts debut. I attach here the image of my first oil painting, "Lake Balaton".

On Christmas Eve 2005, I was alone in my Chiswick apartment. My wife and boy had gone back to KL for holidays. So were most of my Malaysian friends in London. As for my British friends, they had gone to their home towns to celebrate Christmas with their families. London being London, was dead on Christmas Eve. No buses, no tubes and no taxis as well. Unfortunately, I had no cars as it was not sensible to have one in London.

Being dead bored, I started to flick the channels on the TV. Nothing interesting. I was hoping for some documentaries on Jesus Christ but NO!, bloody BBC had to wait for Christmas Day itself before they air such programmes. Anyway, all the books I had had been read and no shops were opened for me to buy magazines, newspapers or even to hire video tapes / DVDs. I suddenly remembered that my wife had bought me some white canvas and oil paint tubes for my birthday 3 months ago. BINGO! a perfect opportunity for me to start what I've always wanted to venture in,... Oil Painting!

A painter is supposed to embrace his work by letting feelings and emotions guide the brush strokes. Well that did not happen to me. As I mentioned earler, my feelings and emotions were plain monotonuous "boredom", "ennui", "tedium" and whatever words you can find in the Thesaurus that describes the state of absent-interest. Can't let such negative feelings translate into an oil piece. So, I decided to flick the tabloid and paused at a picture of a lake snapped somewhere in Hungary. It was plain but unique. Not too much colours nor was it too complicated. BINGO! again. What a pleasant coincidence for it to be the inspiration for my first oil on canvas attempt. So I painted the lake as how it appeared in the tabloid page.

My previous art work has always been water colour or pencil based. Pencils are not too bad because you can erase and re-do when there are mistakes. Water colours are not that forgiving. Once you skrew, you are skrewed. Using oil made me realised how difficult it was to use water colours. With oil, do what you like. You can correct mistakes or you can choose to change your mind. It does not matter. The oil based paste is fantastic!

By the time I completed the piece, it was already Christmas. I wished my self and the wall,.. and the painting, Merry Christmas and washed my hands with olive oil (turpentine doesn't smell that good. So as an alternative, olive was good - not that I was going to cook anything when living alone like that). So I did it! My very first oil on canvas. I named the piece after the name of the lake itself, "Lake Balaton".

The painting has been given to my sister as a present for her house. Currently it is hanging on her wall. I gave her my trust not to lose this piece as this is, after all, my very first attempt of oil on canvas.


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HIS is a pause to reflect what have been published in this blog to date,


My interest in art started way back when I was in primary school whereby colour pencils and magic ink were the primary medium. I slowly took up water colour and represented the school in art. Yes, art, not football nor rugby nor cricket (although I did managed to be in the school's rugby team for a very brief period of time until the coach realised that I am useless without my glasses - he kicked me out).

Now, I am exploring oil on canvas as inspired by painters such as Ismail Latiff, Jaafar Taib and Ibrahim Hussein. There was a time when I had a brief craze over photography but it didn't last long. I still haven't found a way to publish images on this blog but when I do, will certainly start populating fine arts here.


Secondary school gave me the opportunity to explore two other forms of art, i.e. playing musical instruments and writing poems. From the music side of it, side drums, saxaphones and piccolos did not last and I ended up throwing bloody sticks (can't remember what that long thing is called) into the air for being a Drum Major for the school's brass band. Nothing to shout about.

However, guitar jamming became my passion and it's very close to my heart until now. It started off with a 4-piece band at school with me playing the bass guitar. Then again, I was a bassist in a band in Australia for lack of other interests as a Uni student. But this time, they let me play rhythm guitars occasionally. I got bored of bass and decided to just play the guitars as inspired by Saul Hudson (a.k.a SLASH), Joe Satriani, Jimi Hendrix and Yngwie Johann Malmsteen. 10 years after graduating (2006), got my self the epitome electric guitar, a GBP1,300 Gibson Les Paul with 60's type neck and Tobacco Burst body; coupled with Marshall Amplifiers.

Today, I still jam with the same group of friends on Friday nights when everyone of us (the band members) managed to free ourselves from work, social and family commitments. I keep the chords for my jamming sessions at


Taking stock of what I intended to convey in this blog piece: What have I published so far? Well, can't figure out how to attach images or audio files. So, naturally I only published literature, i.e. my poems in English and Malay. As mentioned earlier, my interest in poems started in school with Malay being the preferred choice of language as inspired by icons such as A. Samad Said, Usman Awang and Muhammad Hj Salleh. There were also quite considerable attempts of English poems as I was supposedly intended to be trained as the school's English debater - this did not materialise.

These poems were written by me at various stages of my life between 1996 to 2006 while I was working in Perth, the northern Pacific islands (i.e. Guam-USA, Marshall Islands, Marianna Islands and Micronesia Islands), Kerteh, London and Klang Valley. There are 28 Malay poems and 17 English poems, both totalling 45 selections, which have been published in this blog covering various aspects of life such as faith, history, love, melancholy as well as fictional and current issues. In my life so far, I must have written more than 100 poems but some are lost from my records and some I choose not to publish - either because they are too personal or not of the standard that is worthy to be shared with others. In fact, some of the 45 selected pieces had to be re-edited by me to avoid any misinterpretation that could suggest racism or/and insensitivity as well as corrections for spelling and grammatical errors.


I did not write or paint in 2007, 2008 and 2009 but I still go for jamming sessions once in a while. Having switched my employment from financial assurance to the media and entertainment industry, my long lost passion has now awaken. I shall recommence my efforts to write, paint and jam and will share with you my work in this blog whenever possible (Can someone advise me how to show images and project audio in blogs?)

Johan Ishak

17 October 2009


at 3:44 AM
Johan Ishak, 11:06 pg; 2 April 2001, Bandar Sunway


Seribu janji dan harapan
Penyuluh nasib insan – insan
Yang memanjat berkali – kali
Setelah kecundang acap kali
Tempatnya jaya, kaya dan raya
Berwajah ma’nikam menghiasi jiwa
Hampir semua turut menarik
Apa yang patut dicapai saja
Resah gelisah ayah dan bonda
Menuai padi menangkap sepat
Terkenangkan anak di rantauan
Yang memanjat di Kotaraya
Seribu janji dan harapan
Ada yang jaya ada yang musnah
Tempat jaya, kaya dan raya
Kotaraya yang menjanjikan
Hampir semua turut menarik
Apa yang ada
…….cukup untuk hidup


at 3:42 AM

Johan Ishak, 8:04 pg, 23 November 2000, Kerteh Terengganu


Merah terserlah
Api yang membakar
Api-api yang menyala
Memuntahkan sinar
Yang menyelubungi
Aura saujana
Menyuluh jauh berbatuan
Menyerah nasib di pinggiran
Menghambakan kewujudan
Zat kuasa kehangatan
Biru menyeru
Pawaka Indah
Emas hitam
Berkronikan sahabat
Sang Pawana Durjana
Menyerah nasib di pinggiran
Emas hitam...... Hai! Pengiran
Pawaka Indah
Menyala sudah
Pawaka hati
Bersuara sudah
Tanah gersang disimbah bah
Perintah songsang dicemari gah
Merah terserlah....


at 3:40 AM
Johan Ishak, 8:11 pg, 22 November 2000, Kerteh Terengganu


Langit tak rendah
Atau rasa gundah
Hitam dan kelabunya
Menusuk kalbu
Sambil mencurahkan kasih
Walau menghancurkan
Titisan air yang ganas
Mencakar dan merogol
Semangat insan - insan
...dan musafir hina
Yang kembaranya
Suci dan jujur
Tabah dan ikhlas
Ombak tinggi
Yang kini bermerah pasir
Di pinggiran teluk
Mencabar nelayan
Yang meredah samuderaraya
Dan merempuh badaian gelora
... bertawakallah mereka
Di pagi November
Jiwa -jiwa di Pantai Timur
Kerana tidak berkesempatan
Untuk ke Teluk Bidara
Kerana tidak berkesempatan
Untuk ke Tanjung Jara

Wahai penghuni pantai
Tengkujuh menziarah kita lagi
Biarlah kita bermurah hati
Memberi peluang kepada Tengkujuh
Untuk hanya sebulan dalam setahun
Kita insaf..........


at 3:38 AM
Johan Ishak, 12:15 mlm, 29 November 1998, Wembley Australia


Mana impian?
Yang kita cari
Dari lidah yang
Berbakar pawaka
Manghangatkan kemanusiaan
Dan menifestasi keruntuhan
Apakah kita ini
Masih terpenjara?
Dalam pentas sendiri
Oleh dalang sendiri
Bilakah akan berakhir
Wayang bayang mainan ini
Dan lipur dewa lapok ini
Sedih, dan sendiri
Hancur akan bangsa
Di hunus keris dan tombak
Yang bawah dan yang atas
Semua lari lintang pukang
Maki hamun hasad dengki
Dan bertikam sula sesama sendiri
Nanti esok kitakan bertanya
Kenapa kita sendiri?


at 3:27 AM
Johan Ishak, 12:00 mlm, 29 November 1998, Wembley Australia


Kita yang tertidur
Dan tengah bermimpi
Merah hitam tanah
Melaungkan hak kebebasan
Demi langit
Dan Bumi
Kita berjuang
Setiap jengkal tanah
Dan setiap isyarat muafakat
Kata orang
Kita mesti berkorban
Tapi sampai bila?
Hari ini
Kita memberontak
Dan esok
Kita hilang rentak
Akhirnya kita sedar
Yang kita ini... masih
Tidur dan bermimpi
Seperti selalu


at 3:18 AM
Johan Ishak, 10:00 pg, 25 February 1998, Komanwel Kepulauan Mariana


Dari pancaran sinar yang menyudut
Mentari merah bangkit melangkah garisan hari
Yang hanya terlukis di kitab kembara
Di antara pulau-pulau yang berantai
Bebatuan kelikir dan pasir
Dan karang yang bergelimpangan
Menabur bakti di siang hari
Untuk insan dan anak babi kecil menyeberang
Air tenang di lagun
Tanpa dirogol cakaran ombak Pacific
Kelihatan manusia-manusia
Terapung-apung di pantaian jernih
Berkata-kata merapu
Berpesta dengan arak dan ikan panggang
Di balik pulau sana asap menyemburan
Dari sampah yang kebakaran
Tapi tidak dihirau, walau sedetik pun
Oleh kelasi-kelasi yang turun dari kapal dagang
Oleh tentera-tentera dari kapal meriam
Oleh nelayan-nelayan yang menimbang Marlin Biru
Tapi di waktu air pasang
Penghuni-penghuni laut kecil
Manowar Portugis
Melihat kehancuran alam...


at 3:14 AM
Johan Ishak, 10:45 mlm, 16 September 1998, Wembley Australia


Tok Y.A.B.
" Awat ketegaq sangat? "
Sudah lama di atas
Sudah tiba masa turun
Kalau dulu Tunku turun
Sebab dah tepu sumbangan
Sekarang Tok turunlah
Sebab dah terlebih tepu sumbangan

Tok Y.A.B.
" Awat tak puaih-puaih? "
Harta dah keliling pinggang
Nama dah keliling dunia
Umur dah keliling abad
Tinggal nak keliling kubur sahaja
Turunlah beribadat

Tok Y.A.B.
" Awat tunggu lama-lama? "
Banyak yang tunggu nak mengganti
Bukan kerusi sekarang sejak azali
Dan bukan kerusi sekarang kekal abadi
Kalau niat nak jadi mentor
Kenapa amali macam nak jadi diktator

Tok Y.A.B.
" Awat cenge tak tentu hala? "
Melayu, Cina, Iban, India
Semua bukannya tak hargai jasa
Tapi kalau boleh
Nak hargai kebebasan juga
Kebebasan demokrasi
Kebebasan imbangan tertib
Dan kebebasan hak

Tok Y.A.B.
" Awatlah hang loklaq sangat? "


at 3:11 AM
Johan Ishak & Johari Ishak, 12:09 mlm, 25 Ogos 1998, Wembley Australia


Cepatnya hari berlalu
Bagaikan titisan embun
Cair mengalir
Dibahang sang suria
Di waktu duha
Aku berdiri
Aku bersujud
Aku berucap
Aku berdiam
Dengan kudrat Illahi

Cepatnya hari berlalu
Belum sempat aku duduk
Tilam sudah panas
Hari ini...
Menyingkap akan sejarah
Dan usia muda
Dua insan
Hari ini...
Aku memandang
Menyemai visi
Untuk hari esok

Cepatnya hari berlalu
Aku tidur
Apa yang berlalu...


at 3:09 AM
Johan Ishak, 7:30 mlm, 11 Ogos 1998, Wembley Australia


Kesunyian adalah

Sepohon kayu Karri
di lembah dingin

Sebutir embun
di tingkap subuh

Setitik hitam
di atas kulit yang melepak

Suatu rekoleksi memori
di pertengahan riuh

Sekuntum mawar
di atas batu

Seraut wajah
tanpa jiwa

Kesunyian adalah ...


at 3:04 AM
Johan Ishak, 8:00 mlm, 11 Ogos 1998, Wembley Australia


‘A’ minor
Aku menderu suara
Memulakan ucapan-ucapan Ebeit
Yang berjiran dengan kita
Tapi seakan bermoyang satu
Dengan jari jemari berurat
Aku memerintah bunyi
Cebisan-cebisan nota
Yang akrab
Menjunjung irama dan lagu
Dalam gurindam melodi yang harmoni
Sambil menahan pedih
Ujung-ujung jari yang menebal
Gubahan nada saling berganti
Menjanjikan kanak-kanak riang
(…..yang melangut dan mulut ternganga)
Suatu kesinambungan hikayat
Dengan terselitnya
Bunyi-bunyi sumbang
Yang jelas tapi tidak kerap
Menjejaskan kesempurnaan
Tapi merendahkan diri
Yang tidak lengkap
Petikan gitar usang
Berakhir dan kecundang
Dengan terputusnya dawai besi
Di kala aku mempuisikan
Nikmat bunyi
‘A’ minor


at 2:59 AM
Johan Ishak, 3:45 ptg, 18 Ogos 1998, Perth Australia


Tumpah jua darah manusia
Di muka bumi
Dengan hasad dengki
Habil & Qabil
Buta jua Azazil
Pada Idris
Yang menjahit kain
Dan mencungkil mata
Tumbang jua Sameon
Pada Delilah
Dengan terbongkarnya
Rahsia rambut perwira
Tunduk jua Balkish
Pada Sulaiman
Yang memerintahkan
Syaitan dan Jin menghamba
Sesat jua Yahudi
Pada lembu emas
Yang berkata-kata
Setelah Musa pergi
Hancur jua Abrahah
Dan tentera gajahnya
Pada burung-burung
Berbatu neraka
Kita di sini
Akan jatuh
Pada Yakjut-Makjut
Dari dalam bumi
Semua berakhir
Dengan kekosongan


at 2:58 AM
Johan Ishak, 9:50pm, 24 November 2002, Desa Petaling


It has been awhile since I last wrote
Beautiful words that aspire love
But you my Dear
Simply overwhelms
The need for such words
To even be inspired out of love
I think its time
For me to express
What is in here (heart)
Out loud so that all can hear
The story of you Dear:

“You are so…. beautiful to me”
While it may sound like
……… I’m plagarising a song
It does not matter for what it’s meant to be
I will still be attracted
To you my companion to be

You are so soft, gentle and joyful
Everything that you do will lead to laughter
I can only imagine that without you
Life would be a disaster
Just like an old maid with no feather duster

You are a superstar
A potential for an epitome leader
A genetic breed of the best in life
….(compliments to your parents)
A model of a lady worthy for a baby
For you my Dear,
Would make a good mother

You are a white dot in a blank black
Like a light of goodness
In a vampire’s nocturnal life
I am awakened
From a long lost hope (for love)
Which I never thought
That I could experience again
In this very life before reincarnation
(No,….I am not a Buddist nor Hindu)

“You light up my life”……….


at 2:53 AM
Johan Ishak, 29 Ogos 1998, Wembley Australia


Manusia berdiri gagah
Menyemai asas
Dari bukit-bukit pejal
Dari gading, emas dan mozek
Mereka mengecap sejarah
Atas nama Tuhan
Atas nama tuhan-tuhan
Yang mengembara dari timur ke barat
Di atas bahtera dan kafilah purba
Melalui bisikan dan syair pelaut
Evolusi ini evolusi kuasa
Yang diguna dan dipergunakan
Untuk mendestarkan
Colosus penjaga pintu Rhodes
Zues di kerusi marmar
Menyusu dari payu dara Artemis
Evolusi ini evolusi tamadun
Yang dibina dan diperbiarkan
Bukankah Babylon itu
Syurga yang bertaman indah?
Tapi kenapa hilang ditelan zaman?
Sedangkan metropolis Iskandariah
Kehilangan Pharos dan Mousoleum
Inikan pula firaun-firaun Mesir
Yang berlindung dibawah ahram batu
Manusia hidup dan mati
Mencipta dan mengalpakan tuhan
Membina dan manghancurkan tamadun
Yang mampu mereka wariskan kepada kita
Hanyalah batu


at 2:46 AM
Johan Ishak, 6:19pm, 17 December 1998, Perth Australia


….of the touch of penumbras and enigmas
We, The Penta Dons of The Ambon Coke
Shall rise for eternity
To dwell our very resurrection
Of peace and harmony
And apocalyptic chaos
In battle against ancient melancholy
Of menial strive
And diabolic era
The essence of greatness
The purity of haze
The chronicles of blood
And chronomenifestation
So, brothers of man in one
Let us begin
This odyssey of ours
This triumphant saga
And let it be an Arpeggio
Of rushing force
…………..So let it be written
…………..So let it be done
…………..So be it

(Note: Dedicated to Joe, Remon, Boih and Segment)


at 2:40 AM
Johan Ishak, 5:30 pg, 6 Jun 1998, Wembley Australia


Dua puluh tiga tahun aku wujud
Dengan hanya hidup mengejar kertas
Sekeping kertas harga diri
Tapi belum cukup
Semua orang begitu
Aku hanya sebiji beras
Dalam segantang beras yang lain
Bukan begitu?
Dua puluh tiga tahun aku wujud
Empat puluh enam tahun lagi nyanyuk
Bila agaknya aku berhenti?
Tapi belum cukup
Semua orang begitu
Aku hanya seperti lebah
Yang bila-bila masa sahaja mampus
Bila menyengat
Bukan begitu?
Dua puluh tiga tahun aku wujud
Aku masih ikhtiar mengejar kertas
Sekeping kertas harga diri
Semua orang begitu
Bukan begitu?


at 2:37 AM
Johan Ishak, 11:01pm, 28 January 2004, Kuala Lumpur


Mr Right is a good listener
He acknowledges and responds
To what you want to hear
I don’t
I keep myself quiet
For reasons God knows

Mr Right surprises you with Roses
He can only impress you with
What money can buy
I don’t
As money can be saved when
My poems are full of metaphors
Just as beautiful as Roses

Mr Right seems to have an everflowing
Generosity with candle light dinners
I don’t
I believe that the yellow light
From a RM1.00 bulb in a “Mamak” stall
Is good enough to highlight your beauty

Mr Right is muscular, full of energy
And never fails to be on his feet for you
I don’t
I snooze until the spider webs are all over me
So that when I am awake
I can stay awake as long as possible
To amuse you with my stupid jokes

Mr Right is perfect…
But I err as humans do


at 2:33 AM
Johan Ishak, 5:25 ptg, 2 Julai 1998, Perth Australia


Kita berkembang ke pelusuk Sunda
MengGahkan adat dan daulat
Menaikkan kudrat dan sifat
Dari tunggul-tunggul batu di gua-gua
Dewa-dewa bunian menjadi sastera kita
Kita berjuang menentang
Benggali putih yang datang
Kononnya berdagang
Tapi bersarang
Di bumi tempat tapak mula menyentuh
Kita berlari-lari
Keliling padang
Melaungkan puisi merdeka
Dan susunan nada kebebasan
Kita maju
Kita kaya
Dan Kita yakin
Segalanya tumbuh dengan sendiri
Seandai dedalu jatuh ke tanah
Tapi dikala kita berselesa
Benggali putih kembali
Kali ini bukan dengan bahtera
Tapi dengan pengaruh
Kononnya berdagang
Tapi bersarang
Kali ini bukan di bumi kita
Tapi dari bumi mereka sendiri
Semua gagap dan kecundang
Habis terlupa puisi dan nada dulu
Habis tersedar diri yang bongkak dan sombong


at 2:29 AM
Johan Ishak, 3:10am, 8 January 2003, Kuala Lumpur


You are a rose with thorns
You are mahogany varnished to perfection
You are black forrest with a cherry on top
You are an arpeggio of music
You are an explosion of an atomic bomb
You are a koala on a Eucalyptus tree
You are the princess cut of a shinny diamond
You are splashes of colours on a canvas
You are the morning dew to a great day
You are the words in a love poem
You are the blue sky with white clouds
You are the horizon with amberdawn
You are the Rolex of watches
You are a century in a test match
You are who you are
You are just who I wished for


at 2:28 AM
Johan Ishak, 12:50 ptg, 31 Mei 1998, Perth Australia


Di malam sepi
Aku dipertengahan jalan
Bertemankan pelita malap
Dan berselubung kegelapan
Di malam sepi ini jua
Aku mengelamun
Akan hari esok yang pasti datang
Dan keteguhan jiwa yang aku butuhi
Aku,........kosong dada
Dan,........sumbang nada
Hanya mampu membentang sejadah
Dan bertawakal kepada Illahi
Ingin aku gagah
Menempuh semua
Tapi apa kan daya
Jiwaku yang lemah longlai ini
Sentiasa bergurindam muram
Dan bersulam kelam
Ingin aku memutar bumi
Agar hari esok cuma sesaat lagi
Dan membiarkan hari ini pergi
Sabar, hari esok pasti tiba
Aku hanya perlu terus bersenyum
Menafikan selumbar di kelingking
Dan pekong di dada.


at 2:23 AM
Johan Ishak, 10:05pm, 7 January 2003, Kuala Lumpur


Imagine the stars on the sky
If you could count them
That won’t be all
Some are far away
Not visible through our eyes

Imagine the songs that you can write
It rhymes with different notes
What ever combination you try to vary
You will never meet a dead end
When no more music can be composed

Imagine running through an abacus
When you reach the end of the bead lines
It feels like it’s the end of the deal
But in actual fact
You know that the numbers can go infinity

Imagine a particle so small
Can burst into a nuclear blast
When even for those ancients before us
Could never have imagined it
Unless it’s an event of a biblical revelation

Once I imagined
If I ever lose you
I will be in great sorrow
So dark and heart breaking
That that melancholy itself
Will equate the definition
…….of How Much I Love You


at 2:18 AM
Johan Ishak, 4:07 ptg, 22 Oktober 1997, Perth Australia


Dengan memamah isi dan darah
Dari keturunan sebelum
Segala zat dan kuasa
Sehingga ke titisan akhir baka
Kebayan berambut merah bermata hijau
Maharet dan Makare
Otak, mata dan jantung
Yang mengeratkan insan dan penunggu
Di tebing Nil sana
Enkil dan Akasha
Berwakilkan Ra dan Osiri
Memulakan rantai keturunan
Dengan cebisan Amel yang wujud
Tapi tidak wujud.
Bermulalah dengan satu perkosa
Satu Perkosa yang mengubah sempadan
Sifat-sifat makhluk
Sang Khayman yang keliru.
Keliru akan keadilan dan tradisi
Dari perintis-perintis
Khayman, Maharet, Mael, Eric dan Azim
Dari kematangan
Magnus, Marius, Armand dan Pandora
Dari yang keliru
Louis, Claudia, Gabrielle dan Daniel
Dari durjana
Telah dibangkitkan kembali
Permaisuri Uruk
Yang hanya ingin mentuhankan diri
Atas nama keadilan
Yang tidak berasas
Keseimbangan alam dan hujjah
Mungkin tidak dapat diterima
Kewujudan makhluk-makhluk
Yang bermotifkan kesilapan acara
Yang mengghibtahkan tubuh dan darah
Dan bertujuan laknat tanpa sebab


at 2:15 AM
Johan Ishak, 12:00am, 24 January 2002, Shah Alam


Amplifies the drop of rain
That is hurting an open wound
Fastening my pounding heart
I am drowned
In tears
Of my melancholy
There were times
When I am overwhelmed
By your kind gestures
And ‘Certain’ companionship
But now…………
You remain silence and cold
I Miss You
My heart is longing
For the profound joy I cherished
With my passionate sweetheart
I am impatient
Of this agony that I feel
Waiting for peace
That would not come
For that
Please let me at least
Present our old love poems
As I am wrapped
In Loneliness


at 2:11 AM
Johan Ishak, 4:38 ptg, 26 September 1997, Perth Australia


Aku rindu akan srikandiku
Yang jauh di balik benua sana
Kesian dia keseorangan
Menangis hiba menanti aku pulang
Tapi aku sering membisu
Apabila aku keseorangan
Aku duduk
Menghembus asap rokok
Menghirup secangkir kopi jantan
Dengarlah semua
Aku perbentangkan kisah srikandiku
Yang sentiasa berjuang
Berjuang menghiburkan hidupku
Kulit yang melepak dan lembut
Bak sutera cina yang masih bersih
Rambutnya yang perang dan berlaut
Bagaikan jati merah dari Pahang
Bibir yang lebar dan pucat
Menggambarkan ketenteraman
Tubuh yang sederhana dan kemas potongannya
Menambahkan keserian
Telinga yang kecil dan jejari gemalai
Melengkapkan kecantikan seorang wanita
Harus aku cerita budi pekertinya sekali:
Jiwa yang memberontak tapi dengan tujuan murni
Sering bersedih tapi kuat menempuh
Segala yang luruh
Asyik dia merenung
Tentang kehidupan
Tentang kembaranya
Tentang perjuangannya
Tapi dia masih teguh berdiri
Menghadapi hari-hari yang mencabar
Srikandiku ini matang dan luhur
Suatu hari
Dia akan sedar
Betapa jasanya
Telah menolongku
Berdiri disamping dirinya


at 1:57 AM
Johan Ishak, 2:31pm, 15 July 2001, Shah Alam


Struggle within
For perfection
In lieu
… of rising expectation
I am insane
…of this world
……this theatretical
……stage of fright
Give me this tea
I hope to sip
No sweet sugar baby
All I need is just bitter
and a silver to stir
Come the aroma
May it burst
The anguish out of me
Or perhaps dig a grave
And let it be
Beneath the remains
Struggle within
For the future
Stepping stones
Messing the chronology
(Quantum Leap)
And never to look back
So I did it
Did it with no regrets
Carefully calculated
The forgone milky honey
Not to be sorry
…of cognative dissonance
But to sort betterment
For the brotherhood
I solemnly give oath
To struggle within


at 1:53 AM
Johan Ishak, 2:40 ptg, 26 September 1997, Perth Australia


Menjejak babak-babak kehidupan
Yang sering berlalu
Bagaikan bayu yang meniup dedaunan kuning
Manusia di sana sini sibuk mencatat sejarah
Hanya untuk membiarkan purnama berlalu
Tapi kita beristirahat
Bercekak pinggang berminum kopi
Mengelamun jauh tanpa peduli
Kita senang tapi kita resah
Kita duduk dan kita berdiri
Semuanya sama
Dan semuanya monoton
Di sudut hati manusia berbisik
Bertanyakan erti hidup ini
Di sudut minda kita berumus
Menjawab seribu persoalan hidup
Lucu, memang lucu
Manusia sering keliru
Kalau di benua sana orang berperang
Kita di sini tak senang
Kalau di benua sana orang aman
Kita di sini masih tak senang
Ayuh kawan
Marilah kita alami
Hari-hari yang berlalu
Yang mungkin membawa tuah dan rezeki
Atau yang mungkin tak bererti
Ayuh kawan, mari bergembira
Kerana kesedihan pasti datang
Menunggu waktunya
Mungkin selepas hari hari ini berlalu
Selamat manusia


Saturday, October 10, 2009 at 1:21 PM
Johan Ishak, 5:04pm , 11 July 2001, Kuala Lumpur


Rain drops
Give me that riple
That shimmers silvery
…of pale moonlight
Waiting at river bank
Chewing capers
…and salmon slice
But menial
When are you biting?
That piece of bait
I’ve long waited
To pull you up
Strangled with nylon
You will suffer
My tighs are wet
…of dews from the grass
That seems too short
For muddy river cliffs
Clouded of vapours
That march across
From between Karri trunks
Merging and enveloping the surface
…of deep black reflection
…of indefinite sky wall
Decorated in twinkles
Under the guards of angels
Pulling the strings are you?
Welcome to your death


at 1:10 PM
Johan Ishak, 12:30 ptg, 10 Julai 1997, Perth Australia


Anak Singa yang kononnya dulu yatim
Kini kembali di bawah naungan
Anak Singa yang kononnya dulu yakin
Kini hilang semangat
Hilang semangat melayan
Si Naga Merah yang tua perkasa
Bukan kemanusiaan,
Bukan harga bangsa
Dan bukan manifesto hak;
Tapi keangkuhan
Kebuluran kuasa dan ego
Pengertian lapuk yang masih disanjung
Dan pendalihan revolusi
Mungkin Anak Singa berkobar-kobar
Melaungkan kegelapan
Tapi tidak disedari
Akan air kencing hancing
Yang ditelan
Dan dinikmati
Ini satu epik kejahilan
Kemungkaran hak dan bongkak diri
Ini cerita dunia
Ketakburan hati dan resah jiwa
Naga bukan patriotik
Tapi hipokrit
Singa Tua bukan pendinding
Tapi pendalang durjana
Tinggal engkau sendirian
Wahai Anak Singa
Yang mengaum gagah
Tiada siapa yang mendengar
Tiada siapa yang menghirau
Pengeksploitasian Pulau Hong Kong


Friday, October 9, 2009 at 12:17 AM
Johan Ishak, 10:46am, 24 May 2001, Kuala Lumpur



I am One of a Kind
I am Irresistable
I am the epitome
….of a Leader to come
Would you agree so?

I am .. just everything
You can think of
Genius, Smart, Intelligent and Creative
Handsome, Sexy, Of Beauty and Attractive
(I can hear you laugh but me you will love)

I am Successful
Healthy, Wealthy and Steady
Up Right and Charismatic
Fluent and hates Bureaucracy
Paranoid but just Fantastic

See me and you will cry
Not of sadness but of happiness
Hear me and you will fly
Embrace me and you will find
The enlightenment no where you can find
Appreciate me and you will yield
For it’s worth it for what you’ll feel
And, Love me with no fear of sin
For I’ll touch you deep within

Ringgggggggggggg !!!!!!

Wow! That was a good dream
Oh shit! Its eight o’clock
I’m late for work
Bugger me !
If only I can be what I dreamt of


at 12:14 AM
Johan Ishak, 5.00 ptg, 8 Julai 1997, Perth Australia


Hidayah ini memanggil aku
Sebagaimana orang-orang yang terdahulu
Aku terperangkap
Di antara gelap dan pelita
Yang selama ini
Hanya hidayah yang menanti,
Tapi aku sering bongkak dan lupa diri
Aku bagaikan pengembara
Yang membelakangkan senja merah
Menuju samudera raya
Merempuh badaian gelora
Tapi bila aku pulang
Aku menangis
Tangiskan kenangan silam
Tangiskan diri
Yang bersempadan dari hakikat
Lemah longlai kaki bertapak
Sang musafir hina mengakhiri langkah
Menghentikan jejak lama
Mencari haluan baru
Aku pun begitu
Tapi kali ini
Dengan hidayahMu


Thursday, October 8, 2009 at 12:27 AM
Johan Ishak, 10:04am, 24 May 2001, Kuala Lumpur


Five Hundred
Twenty Five Thousand
Six Hundred Minutes
I live and dwell
Ohhhh, Swell ! Its Hell !

Fifty Two Sundays
I wake up on midday
But never once even a day
I have the chance to have sundaes

One Birthday I Celebrate Myself
Or with my twin to be exact
But what is it that I see in myself?
From this life that I can extract

Four Thousand
Six Hundred and
Eighty Litres of Gas
Keeps the credit card occupied
With no room for a shirt from Guess

Seven Thousand
Three Hundred Cigarettes
Is what I used to inhale
But now that I’ve quit
There’s not much to it
Other than a strong will

Two Thousand
Five Hundred and
Forty Eight Hours of Sleep
Supposed to keep me fit
But instead I feel like shit

Six Billion
Eight Hundred Forty Nine Million
Five Hundred Twenty Three Thousand
And One Hundred Seventy Three
People in this world alive
But all I care, is me alone to survive


Wednesday, October 7, 2009 at 11:34 PM
Johan Ishak, 11:35 pg, 9 Jun 1997, Perth Australia


Aku rindu akan asal-usulku
Yang belum cukup aku kenal
Teringat-ingat zaman silam
Yang penuh dengan kegembiraan
Aku rindu tanah tangis permulaanku
Walau belum cukup aku kenal
Engkau tidaklah sedalam-dalamnya
Di sanubariku
Tapi kewujudanmu sudah cukup
Menyingkap memori
Bau laut yang hanyir dan segar
Obor-obor hitam berbuih putih
Ular-ular berlingkar di pepohon kecil
Kera-kera terengkak-engkak
Satu hari nanti...
Akan aku pulang
Untuk menyambut detik-detik yang terbengkalai


at 12:39 AM
Johan Ishak, 3:59pm, 3 May 2001, Sunway


“Before you, Your Highness”
We bow humbly
Not retreating but greeting
As the ball awaits….

Rouse Up
Rouse Up
Young warriors all
Throughout the world
We conquer or crawl
For His Majesty
We stand to thrust
The sword of justice
And forward we charge
Holding the pride
‘of Knighthood
‘and Martyrdom
And will only return
When Kingdom comes
Rouse Up
Rouse Up
Warriors of Faith
Let the Princesses
Shower us with rose petals
‘lavender and
‘mahogany scent
For there may never be this chance
As vengeance awaits
Rouse Up
Rouse Up
Young martyrs all
For we may yet live
To end the dire straits
And rule the land
with sovereignty
‘and prosperity

(Note: This poem has been edited on 7 October 2009 to replace references made to certain parties to avoid misconception that the poem contains racism)


at 12:31 AM
Johan Ishak, 11:19 pg, 9 Jun 1997, Perth Australia


Deru bayu menyongsang bulu-bulu di mata
Kemerahan mega di ufuk gerimis
Batu, langit, asap dan rumpai
Kepah tersadai dan ikan berjemuran
Pak Leman mengikat pelikat
Yang usang dan singkat
Di antara jejari yang menyerkap muka
Terbayang-bayang perit lampau
Mengalir air masin
Menyerap sejuk dan duka
Menyimbah kesucian ke raut-raut tua
Yang masih mangkor
Bibit-bibit mulut kelu-kelu lidah
Melafaz tawakal yang murni
Dia terduduk
Sambil mengunyah tembakau Kelantan
Seorang anak berlari-lari
Menyambut kepulangan
Akan tidak dia ketahui
Kehilangan yang mungkin tak terduga
Wahai anak
Pak Leman berkata
Engkaulah penggantiku
Bila aku sudah tiada.....


at 12:26 AM
Johan Ishak, 12:16pm, 30 April 2001, Sunway


I am bemused
By the fact that we,
… are confused
In our will to seduce
The ability to refuse
Hence we are reduced
For that excuse alone
We are induced
To not infuse
Knowledge that is profused
For mankind sake
Please let it be used
As the right is ours to soothe
The upcoming generations
‘of youth


at 12:23 AM
Johan Ishak, 4:30 ptg, 21 Mei 1997, Perth Australia


Engkau takut?
Engkau resah?
Apa yang kau takutkan?
Takutkan jembalang?
Apa yang kau resahkan?
Resahkan lanun?
Gunalah senjatamu
Engkau tak tahu??!!
Engkau tahu...
Cuma...engkau bengung
Ada…..senjata ada di situ
Senjata sentiasa ada di sisi kafilah bumi
Dulu azali lagi engkau tahu
Kenapa sekarang engkau tak tahu??
Dulu engkau sanggup
Sebab engkaulah yang paling sempurna
Paling bersemangat
Tapi....mana gahmu?
mana angkuh dulu?
Kau memang bengung!
Inilah senjatamu
Annas.. berlindunglah kau
dari jin dan manusia ganas
Alfalaq.. berlindunglah kau
dari kegelapan
Alkafirun..berdebatlah kau
dengan yang mencabar
Baru tiga Kul engkau sudah boleh menang
Belum senjatamu yang lain
Engkau boleh..
Apa yang kau ada
Selagi diizinkan engkau ada
Pencipta mencipta takut
Dan tentu mencipta pengubatnya
Senjatamu ada padamu
Gunalah Ilmumu


at 12:20 AM
Johan Ishak, 2:21pm, 28 April 2001, Kuala Lumpur


The performance of life
With protruding pain
… clustered and rhythmed
… by the Arpeggio of heart
Awakens the fear
… of dilemma
… trapped in the realm
‘of darkness
Listen to the symphony
A symphony of uncertainty
Like a stand in the ebb of penumbras
‘yet to come
Not of choice but victimised
By the existence of prejudice
And raping of the heart
Fear not you
Fear not them
Nor pressure in kind
That suffocates us to death
But we are indeed
Struggling to hypothesize
The variance of consequences
… of options and choices
Not that it matters to life
But how it can damage thy soul
…and bring great regrets
‘and hatred (to us)

Mirror mirror on the wall
Spell out what is meant to be
Without reluctance we’d concur
Whatever you say
Our accord is sincere…..


Tuesday, October 6, 2009 at 11:54 PM
Johan Ishak, 10:15 pg, 21 Mei 1997, Perth Australia


Pujanggamu berkata
Pujaanmu bertitah
Engkau ke Timur
Dan engkau ke Barat
Engkau ke Timur
Dan engkau ke Barat
Untuk apa?
Untuk kekayaan
Buat apa?
Buat keganasan
Sebagai apa?
Sebagai penjajah
Rempah, manik, perak dan emas
Bukan didagang tapi dirampas
Hormat, cermat, adil dan saksama
Bukan diamal tapi diguna
Bahteramu, layarmu dan sauhmu
Berjasa kepada rajamu
Berdosa kepada rajaku
Hei! engkau yang ke Timur
Binasa kau!!
Hei! engkau yang ke Barat
Musnahlah kau!!
Pujangga engkau berkata
"...engkau Timur,
engkau Barat...."
Ini aku berkata
"...engkau Pujangga, engkau Portugis dan engkau Sepanyol,
Pergilah! "
Ini kita yang berkata dari dendam yang terpendam.

(Nota: Penggunaan sesetengah perkataan di dalam sajak ini telah diubah-suai pada 7 Oktober 2009 sebagai langkah prihatin bersesuaian dengan masyarakat majmuk Malaysia khususnya dan warga internet secara amnya)


at 11:47 PM
Johan Ishak, 3:22pm, 10 April 2001, Sunway


Once there was a time
When work ends at 5
But now there’s no more time
For work to end at 5
The cities sprawled
North South East and West
Giving no chance for a sit and rest
The naturality has gone
Replacing sunlight with fluorescent
….. and evening football
….. with submission rush
A father leaves before the son awakes
And returns when everyone’s in bed
For what’s the point of even waiting
For a dad to sign a school report card
Now people are growing old
….. not of age but of stress
It seems that has been the way
Since money rules even for any fool
One can only expect
A pay cheque on the 30th
But down to nil after a bunch of bills
All that is left is really nothing
Other than midnight café visits
For a sip of Teh Tarik
To rebel our very own depressions

(Note: This poem has been edited on 6 October 2009 to replace the word "Cappuccino" with "Teh Tarik" relevant with the Malaysian context for which, Malaysians are expected to be the dominant visitor to this blog. The original poem is entitled "Cappuccino Depression" reflecting my Australian "nostalgia" having returned to Malaysia in the year 2000 from a 7-year episode in Australia)


at 11:42 PM
Johan Ishak, 9:54 pg, 21 Mei 1997, Perth Australia


Di saat ini
Paling mustahak
Acuan kepada bakal sejarah
Tindakbalas kepada sejarah
Di saat ni
Paling releven
Dalam konteks akal manusia
Kau menuduh sifat kejadianmu
Tidakkah kau sedar kau menuduh Pencipta
Derap langkah meninggal petala dulu
Derap agak mengubah petala depan
Busuk dulu
Tidak seharusnya busuk kini dan esok
Buruk dulu harus berubah
......menuju kesempurnaan
Ini evolusi akal
......dan kewarasan
Ini revolusi hidup
......umat sejagat
Ini ekspidisi keturunan
......baka kafilah
Jika di saat ini
Engkau roboh,
….engkau bodoh
Wahai teman, wahai seperjuangan,
Ini peperangan kita
Yang bersenjatakan destar hikmat
Pemberian Dia
Wahai semua, Wahai segalanya
Di saat ini
Kita tenung dan kita berperang


Monday, October 5, 2009 at 9:27 PM
Johan Ishak, 5:21pm, 9 April 2001, Kuala Lumpur


Life is an endless saga
Clash of two extremes
That is only meant to be
When it is set for relativity

Life begins and remains immortal
On Earth, Hell or Heaven
It is a motion set to be
And only cease at His will

Life is like the verdict of juries
Punishment or nourishment
Let Him alone be the judge of sorrow
From Him alone we pray for tomorrow

Life is like mirrors of hope
Joyful or melancholy, unpredictable
When you believe of an event to be
It may not occur for it’s meant to be

He and His preordained world
We and our destined lives
Is what it means to have a life


at 9:23 PM
Johan Ishak, 2:30 ptg, 20 Mei 1997, Perth Australia


Di ujung saujana sana
Kelihatan legam
Teragak-agak aku mangatur langkah
Masih pasrah
Masih berdenyut laju nadiku
Aku bergerak menuju ke sana
Melepasi lorong-lorong gelap
Yang bersiri tepat dengan laluan
Salakan di sana
Siulan di sini
Hanya bertemankan ayat-ayat
Untuk menyuamkan peluh yang sejuk
Beg di tangan kiri
Tembakau di tangan kanan
Tali leher terjerut
Melemahkan nafas semput
Menghembus asap-asap maut
Langkahku semakin laju
Semakin menuju selok tujuan
Aku tiba di penghujung jalan
Yang berkerlipan bintang di atas
Yang bersinar pelita jalan
Tiada lagi gelap
Tiada pasrah menyirap
Aku selamat
Aku selamat merempuh lorong hitam
........Ku campak!
........Ku pijak!
Api terpadam
Aku tersenyum lega......


at 1:33 AM
Johan Ishak, 10:35am, 18 March 1998, Rota of Pacific’s Mariana Islands


I have travelled all across Pacific
from Marshalls, Guam to Saipan
Hopping on Truk, Kosrae and Pohnpei
But nothing is as peaceful
as this place of solitude silence
with the ocean blue as blue as it can be
even when eyes were near as near as it can be
to the surface of crystal clear sea water

You’ll have less than a particle of thoughts
yet it’s not emptiness that creeps in your cells
yet it’s not sorrow that grows in your soul
But a pure enlightenment
of matter, in peace and harmony
of flat top highland not reaching the sky
of cliffs and waves rejoined in bubbles of white splash

Feel the glare of tropics
The moist and smell
of Philippines sea breeze
The exotic taste of taro and pandanus
The mixture of Chamoro, Tagalog and Hiragana
and....the escape from psychotic urban tense

I felt a moment
A moment of pause
a substance of anti-monotony
an essence of bliss
But how sad that this could not remain
when I have to say goodbye

When can I say “HafaAdai”
to you again?


at 1:30 AM
Johan Ishak, 4.55 ptg, 19 Mei 1997, Perth Australia


Manusia akru mengadap
Yang tidak mereka sedar
Bukan sekadar roh
Bukan sekadar jasad
Tapi segala zat...
Yang dibawa pulang
Apa yang mampu terbayar
Tanpa lega resah...
Deru sangkakala
Menghakis bebatuan tanah
Baru engkau tahu
Titian karut
Titian maut
Wahai tetamu
Pulanglah.....senja memanggilmu


at 1:23 AM
Johan Ishak, 2:09pm, 31 January 2001, Kuala Lumpur


I am no Poet
but when I see you
words flow
like rivers and creek

Hey! You......
have I told you?
what is in here (heart)?
or perhaps I couldn't
simply because
it's beyond words

I am no Warrior
but the least I can do
is to fight to keep you
Did you know
what you've shown?
or you may have overseen it
or not realising it
of who you are
to me……….
(a martyr of my nocturnal life)

Hey! Love......
this is me
Not a ghost nor shadow
Not a dream nor mirage
If you want to feel me
close your eyes

I am no Angel
but if I were one
I'd spread my wings
and wrap you......
with hopes and desire
of peace and harmony

I am not the best
but I am yours
with sincerity

I am no Poet
but I am myself

I am.......
(for you to decide)


at 1:17 AM
Johan Ishak, 4.15 ptg, 19 Mei 1997, Perth Australia


Kerap ku dengar seruling berbunyi
Bukan di gema laungan getar
Aku mendengar
Dan aku dengar.....
Seruling berbunyi
Di benak jiwa
Di ceruk rantau angan-anganku
Aku hampa
Aku sebak
Walau di pojok sedar aku bersedih
Tidak aku alpa zat keinsananku
Tidak aku capai pula puncak ahram
Aku sekadar mampu an-nas yg lemah
Yang alah kepada yang gah
Yang berdiri memberi hormat
Yang berjalan tanpa tujuan
Adakah aku berlari menafikan kenyataan?
Atau aku melaung membalas jeritan?
Sang seruling....
Adakah aku sendiri?
Aku cuma rasa sendiri
Dan berdiri .... sendiri
Aku mangadap sang seruling
Dengan hembusan gumpalan asap rokok
Sang seruling tidak mangendah
Sang seruling hanya berbunyi
Seperti selalu.........


at 12:38 AM

Peace be upon you,

UR lives are somewhat influenced by civilisation, historical or contemporary, both with significant impact. No doubt ancient civilisations extinct, but they leave behind elements of culture, a legacy that survives throughout time. One important element of culture is art. Art and human evolution is inseparable. Unfortunately, many people do take things for granted by ignoring the importance of art. Why do we accept arrogance and ignorance that led art to a forgotten phenomenon in our very life? Even the God and prophets of human civilisation shone through art. Will it not appear awkward if we deny art as part of our existence? Hence it should be honorable for those very rare few, to embrace art, in whatever form it may be. The very least we can do is to show appreciation in the role of these people who have been the sculptor of culture by continuously contributing art in human civilisation.

With sincerity and by God’s will, please do appreciate my blog, “BUANASENI”, a series of art in various forms - poems, song/music, compositions, in various languages; and if technological knowledge permits, graphics of fine arts and photography images; created by myself as well as others whose work I admire. The songs that I admire are recorded in

With Sincerity
Johan Ishak
4 October 2009

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

ANUSIA hidup bertamadun. Seringkali tamadun-tamadun mahsyur yang lampau pupus dan hanya meninggalkan kesan-kesan budaya. Antara peninggalan yang memberi corak dan perwatakan budaya adalah seni. Seni dan evolusi kehidupan manusia tidak dapat dipisahkan. Malangnya, sesetengah manusia dewasa ini menolak dan tidak mengendahkan kepentingan seni. Kenapa perlu angkuh sehingga alpa untuk menguasai dan memahami fenomena seni dalam kehidupan kita? Sedangkan Rasulullah s.a.w. bermukjizatkan seni syair dan sastera tinggi untuk menjinakkan Arab jahiliah, inikan pula insan biasa yang jauh lebih lemah untuk menjalani kehidupan mereka. Oleh itu, berilah seniman, dalam apa bidang seni pun, suatu taraf kelainan sebagai pencorak budaya dan penyumbang ilmiah dalam menjayakan usaha kesinambungan prestasi tamadun.

Dengan ikhlas dan kesyukuran Illahi, terimalah blog “BUANASENI”, satu siri seni yang mengabungkan seni dalam bentuk sajak/puisi, lagu/muzik dan karangan dalam pelbagai bahasa; dan jika mampu berteknologi tinggi, imej-imej lukisan and fotografi hasil nukilan saya dan juga seniman lain yang saya sanjungi. Pengumpulan lagu-lagu di blog

Dengan Ikhlas
Johan Ishak
4 Oktober 2009

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