Friday, October 9, 2009 at 12:17 AM
Johan Ishak, 10:46am, 24 May 2001, Kuala Lumpur



I am One of a Kind
I am Irresistable
I am the epitome
….of a Leader to come
Would you agree so?

I am .. just everything
You can think of
Genius, Smart, Intelligent and Creative
Handsome, Sexy, Of Beauty and Attractive
(I can hear you laugh but me you will love)

I am Successful
Healthy, Wealthy and Steady
Up Right and Charismatic
Fluent and hates Bureaucracy
Paranoid but just Fantastic

See me and you will cry
Not of sadness but of happiness
Hear me and you will fly
Embrace me and you will find
The enlightenment no where you can find
Appreciate me and you will yield
For it’s worth it for what you’ll feel
And, Love me with no fear of sin
For I’ll touch you deep within

Ringgggggggggggg !!!!!!

Wow! That was a good dream
Oh shit! Its eight o’clock
I’m late for work
Bugger me !
If only I can be what I dreamt of


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