Tuesday, October 6, 2009 at 11:47 PM
Johan Ishak, 3:22pm, 10 April 2001, Sunway


Once there was a time
When work ends at 5
But now there’s no more time
For work to end at 5
The cities sprawled
North South East and West
Giving no chance for a sit and rest
The naturality has gone
Replacing sunlight with fluorescent
….. and evening football
….. with submission rush
A father leaves before the son awakes
And returns when everyone’s in bed
For what’s the point of even waiting
For a dad to sign a school report card
Now people are growing old
….. not of age but of stress
It seems that has been the way
Since money rules even for any fool
One can only expect
A pay cheque on the 30th
But down to nil after a bunch of bills
All that is left is really nothing
Other than midnight café visits
For a sip of Teh Tarik
To rebel our very own depressions

(Note: This poem has been edited on 6 October 2009 to replace the word "Cappuccino" with "Teh Tarik" relevant with the Malaysian context for which, Malaysians are expected to be the dominant visitor to this blog. The original poem is entitled "Cappuccino Depression" reflecting my Australian "nostalgia" having returned to Malaysia in the year 2000 from a 7-year episode in Australia)


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