Saturday, October 17, 2009 at 2:29 AM
Johan Ishak, 3:10am, 8 January 2003, Kuala Lumpur


You are a rose with thorns
You are mahogany varnished to perfection
You are black forrest with a cherry on top
You are an arpeggio of music
You are an explosion of an atomic bomb
You are a koala on a Eucalyptus tree
You are the princess cut of a shinny diamond
You are splashes of colours on a canvas
You are the morning dew to a great day
You are the words in a love poem
You are the blue sky with white clouds
You are the horizon with amberdawn
You are the Rolex of watches
You are a century in a test match
You are who you are
You are just who I wished for


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