Saturday, October 17, 2009 at 1:57 AM
Johan Ishak, 2:31pm, 15 July 2001, Shah Alam


Struggle within
For perfection
In lieu
… of rising expectation
I am insane
…of this world
……this theatretical
……stage of fright
Give me this tea
I hope to sip
No sweet sugar baby
All I need is just bitter
and a silver to stir
Come the aroma
May it burst
The anguish out of me
Or perhaps dig a grave
And let it be
Beneath the remains
Struggle within
For the future
Stepping stones
Messing the chronology
(Quantum Leap)
And never to look back
So I did it
Did it with no regrets
Carefully calculated
The forgone milky honey
Not to be sorry
…of cognative dissonance
But to sort betterment
For the brotherhood
I solemnly give oath
To struggle within


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