Sunday, March 21, 2010 at 11:58 AM

Title: Masonic Lego Structure II
Medium: Lego
Artist: Johan Ishak and Daniel Ariff
Time/Date: 4:00pm, 20 March 2010
Place of creation: Shah Alam

Y previous blog on similar art work, MASONIC LEGO STRUCTURE, was an attempt to build a Masonic temple and lodge. After reading a couple of books on Freemasons, the famous one being The Lost Symbol, it appears that a Pyramid with the All Seeing Eye at the top is a significant icon for the fraternity.

So, this weekend, me and my boy embarked on another architectural saga of building a Pyramid, with an All Seeing Eye at the top. You'd have thought that this should be simple given the perfect right angles and symmetrical structure in step-like erection - a no brainer. Far from the truth really. As we were building it, brick by brick of legos, it crumbles because completing the middle and the top portion forces the pressure to collapse the pyramid into the hollow inner space.

So the remedy was: Build from the top to bottom with reinforcement beams strategically placed across the hollow inner space at multiple levels of the Pyramid as and when we progress downwards towards the base. You'd probably say "Why not just fill up the hollow inner space with solid lego?" Well, the answer is, we don't have that many lego pieces - thanks to my son who seems to have his lego pieces everywhere in the house - also because legos are quite expensive. Hence, we had to resort to our basic instinct of architectural and engineering skills.

I present to you, the Masonic Lego Stucture II:


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