Tuesday, July 30, 2013 at 2:27 AM
Johan Ishak, 1:34 am, 30 July 2013, Shah Alam


... and whence the elephant army approached
The birds stood guard
Giving way to greatness
For there was a light to shine
Like a beacon that envelopes humanity
A strength never before being endowed
He who even the spiders protect
... and the angels bow
He who divides the moon
... and brought forth food when in need
He who uttered sacred words
... embroided with beauty
He who ascends through the 7 layers of heavens
... and blessed with the epitome commandments
He who was in war with 300 companions
... defeated 1,000 nemesis like a blow of a thousand angels
He who perfected our purpose in life
... and when we say, "No other than You"
... we feel compelled to honour him,
".. and you are His messenger"


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