Thursday, August 22, 2013 at 3:52 AM

 Johan Ishak
Oil on Canvas and Electrical Hardware 
90cm X 60cm
22 August 2013
3:33 a.m.
Shah Alam

Even wondered how life would be if e do not have handphones? What about computers and lap tops? A pervasive example would be electricity - hence why I chose to have wires and switch sockets on the canvas. Nowadays we use ipads and ipods. We heat our food with microwaves. Our cars can only be worked out by the mechanics if the computers can be connected to its engine. Keys are replaced with thumb print laser detector (Or whatever you call that matrix thingy). It is as if if we are without technology, it would be Armageddon. Life would cease to continue. We are very much dependent on technology. We have become slaves to technology. To have human brains evolved tremendously in capitalising science exploration, we have become slaves instead of masters of our lives. What an irony? I hope this is all in our minds only. If we are to face with such armageddon, can we all survive? I suppose we can. Muhammad, Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Noah and Adam didn't have electricity. We may just need to get ourselves in touch with faith.


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