Monday, January 26, 2015 at 12:19 AM

Johan Ishak
Acrylic, Pencil and Ink on Canvas
90cm X 90cm
25 January 2015
3:00 a.m.
Buanaseni Studio Shah Alam


ASIMILASI 2 is a sequel to ASIMILASI (refer to the image on the right) that was done earlier in 2014. Like the precedent work, it is also conveying the success (or the struggle) of the assimilation of the diverse ethnic groups in Malaysia in establishing a one nation identity, i.e. 1Malaysia. This process (assimilation) has been in progress since the 1800's when the colonial master, the British Empire, brought in Chinese for mining activities and Indians for agriculture. The assimilation has, to some extent,  achieved harmonisation given that the different ethnic groups have co-existed for more than 2 centuries. 

Each element in the art composition represents an ethnic group: Dragon Dance for Chinese; Indian Dancer for Indians; and Silat (a form of martial arts) hand gesture of Laksmana Hang Tuah (a mythical historical Malay hero character) for the Malays. The backdrop in black silhoette is the Mount Kinabalu representing Borneo that contributes a huge piece of its geography to Malaysia. With the production of this piece, I have personally improved my technical art methods further by exploring the use of pencils and white acrylic to manifest a subtle showcase of realism particularly on the breast area of the Indian dancer and the furry white material on the head of the lion for its eye lids, hair, moustache as well as the beard. It is indeed a rewarding experience. Mixed media can do wonders!



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