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Johan Ishak
12 July 2015
Acrylic and Ink on Paper and Canvas
90cm x 90cm
Buanaseni Studio Shah Alam


As-Saffat 72 is basically the 72nd verse of the chapter, Surah As-Saffat (the Ranger) from the Holy Quran. It reminds us, human beings, that God Almighty has sent us so many guidances via His Prophets throughout the history of mankind. The verse is printed at the bottom of the art work and its English translation would be as follows, "....and undoubtedly We (the Heavens) have sent reminders (Prophets) amongst you (mankind)". The 25 golden squares bear the names of the 25 Prophets that the Muslims ought to know. 

The 25 prophets are (from right to left and from top row to bottom; with both their Quranic and Christian Bible references): Adam, Ismail (Ishmael), Shuaib (Jethro or Reuel, the Priest of Medyan), Zulkifli (Ezakiel), Elyas (Elijah), Idris (Enoch), Ishak (Isaac), Noh (Noah), Harun (Aaron), Elyasak, Hud (Heber), Ibrahim (Abraham), Muhammad, Musa (Moses), Yunus (Jonah), Salleh, Yaakub (Jaacob), Isa (Jesus), Sulaiman (King Solomon), Yahya (John the Baptist), Luth (Lot), Yusuf (Joseph), Ayyub (Job), Daud (King David) and Zakaria (Zachariah). 

Islam also categorises 5 of these Prophets as the cream amongst the 25 and they are called 'Ulul-Azmi'. I have given Ulul-Azmi a special place in the middle of the arrangment of squares - Muhammad in the middle with Nuh, Ibrahim, Isa and Musa around him clockwise. 

It is the customary protocol to put A.S. at the end of each name to denote Alaihis Salam (Peace be upon him) and for Muhammad, to put S.A.W. for Sallallahu Alaihis was-Salam (Peace of God upon him). I have not put it in for ease of reference but I am highlighting it for respect and acknowledgement of its importance to the Islamic tradition.

The images of "in-progress":


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