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Wedding of

Johari Ishak
Shikin Hairuddin

Kelab Shah Alam
4 December 2010


Bismillah Hirrahman Nirrahim. Assalamualaikum Warahmaruyllahi Wabarakatuh dan Salam Sejahtera.

Yang Mulia, Tengku Tengku. Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri / Puan Sri / Dato’ / Datin / Tuan / Puan / Sanak Saudara sekelian.

Bagi pihak Tuan Rumah, Dato Ishak Ariff, saya ingin merakamkan jutaan terima kasih atas kesudian para hadirin meraikan bersama kami Majlis Perkahwinan Johari dan Shikin. Kehadiran Tuan Tuan dan Puan Puan sememangnya memeriahkan lagi hari yang bermakna ini.

Tuan Tuan dan Puan Puan, izinkan saya meneruskan ucapan saya di dalam Bahasa Inggeris, Terima Kasih.


A wedding is an occasion, a joyous occasion. But for a spokes person like me, it is highly stressful for I have stage fright and this is my first time doing it. By God’s will, when my son get’s married, Johari, you will be forced to be the spokes person. Just remember that!

Normally a spokes person will introduce the Pengantins from the day they were born. In this case, I have a special privilege. I will start from whence Johari was inside our mother’s womb

The Malay race has always been an advocate of “courtesy” as evident in their generosity in giving out Bunga Telurs and their art of negotiations using Pantuns to avoid confrontation but yet deliver their intended messages. In Johari’s case, well, he was courteous since before he was born.

The Malays believe that when twins are born, the one who sees the light of day first is the younger one. This is so because the elder twin will allow his younger sibling to go first as a gesture of courtesy. So I guess, Johari must have been courteous to me. Now, this is Johari’s first mistake in life even before he commenced his life. Why? Well, legally, I became the elder one regardless of what the Malay believes. So Joe, thanks for kicking me out.


So 1975 was the year. Old folks often warn their pregnant daughters to not do or say unnecessary or inappropriate things. In our case, our beloved mother had to watch Muhammad Ali and Joe Bugner box each other,.. and when the twins were delivered, you know what happened.

Johari and I, we grew up together, from Minden Heights in Penang, this fantastic city called Shah Alam, as well as in the bording school they call STAR in Ipoh.

Later we went our own ways. I was sent to a land downunder where they send convicts; whereas Johari was sent to the Land of Angels up north where kings and queens dine in castles and palaces. How lucky.

In England, Johari learnt how to value things. I didn’t know that to value things, you need a Bachelors Degree. But apparently you do. So Johari started to learn how to value things in England and later extended his learning in UiTM Shah Alam. So there you go, God created things, and there was Johari to value it. He became a Valuer.

This art of valuing things evolved into the realm of capital markets. Hence Johari now enjoys a good living at CIMB Wealth Advisor where he helps others value their wealth by growing them. A courteous character that is probably an extension of allowing his younger sibling to escape Alcatraz 35 years ago.

Anyways, talking about valuing things, today, or a week ago to be exact, there is a different perspective to it. You (Johari) are now required to value life. What does that mean really? Well it’s simple really. You now have to value your life companion, i.e. Shikin.

When Shikin cooks, you value her by saying “Hmm Sedap”. When Shikin is sick, you value her by making hot soup, not Maggi mee. When it is 27 November, you value her with anniversary dinners (make sure you mark your diary because if you don’t, she will show you what valuation really means). When it is her birthday or 14 February, bring her to British India. And the sweetest of all, you will value Shikin like you never valued her before, is when she gives you babies that will end their names with Bin or Binti Johari. Insya Allah Amin.

There is a saying I learnt from the internet. It goes like this:

Women were not created from Men’s hair nor were they created from Men’s feet. Women were created from Men’s ribs so that they don’t step on Men’s head nor are they meant to be stepped by Men. They are meant to be by Men’s side, to be protected and to be loved


Shikin is the best sister-in-law so far, well she is the only one so far (a hint to the younger brother). Born in Port Dickson Negeri Sembilan, and was brought up in Jelebu. Her schooling days were in King George V in Seremban and later worked in various companies and countries as Public Relations officer. Guess where she is now? Well, you’ve guessed it, CIMB Wealth Advisors. That is where Johari and Shikin learn to value each other, apart from valuing investments for the Malaysian market that rose from GDP of negative 2% to positive 6% over the last 2 years.

What advise can I give you as a brother in-law? Well, here goes:

When Johari is hungry, he is not fuss. Rice with Daging Kicap and Sambal Tumis Tauhu will suffice (Note that Tauhu will be known as TauKua to you from today onwards). When Johari is back from work looking tired and what not, give him a smile. When Johari is sick, well, it’s your turn to do the hot soup, and not Maggi mee. When Johari faces problems, you stand by his side support him. As I mentioned earlier, Shikin, you are his ribs; because, you are entrusted to protect his heart (both emotionally as well as the cholesterol level). And that would put you at a special place by his side. While you are at it, make the ribs well-done because Johari, he does not take medium-rare steaks.


Bapak, Mak, Abang Fauzi, Kak Ita, Kush, Lina and myself (oh sorry I forget, there is also Faiq, Firdaus, Fauzana and Daniel and the entire Ariff and Arshad clan from the Island of Penang); we are honoured to welcome you into the family. It’s a big family but hey, it only means God is being generous to you.


To both Johari and Shikin, I have introduced the two of you to the floor and I have also given you motivational advices. What you have to do in return is to cherish the marriage. Our family has grown bigger and merrier thanks to the two of you. We look forward to interesting contributions that you can offer to this family. Whilst the other 2 in-laws contributed Ikan Patin from Sungai Pahang and Ayam Kampong from Bangi, we expect you to deliver nothing less than Masak lemak Chili Api from Negeri Sembilan.


I think I have been mumbling too long here. When body language from the floor suggests that my speech is like a politician who don’t mean what they say and don’t say what they mean, it means that I should stop. However, please do allow me a short poem. Here goes:

Itik Serating Ayam Belanda
Masak Kari Nasi Kandar
Johari dan Shikin Segak Belaka
Mengakhiri Zaman Teruna dan Dara

Dato Ishak, Datin Latifah
Lega Melihat Dua Mempelai
Tapi Ingat Bila Balik Rumah
Ada Si Bongsu Belum Selesai

Secangkir Kopi Semanis Puan
Segelas Sarbath dari Tanjung
Terima Kasih Puan dan Tuan
Budi Dikenang Jasa Dijunjung

Sebelum saya mengundur diri, ingin saya menyusun sepuluh jari meminta maaf sekiranya terdapat apa apa kekurangan pada majlis yang tidak sebarapa ini.

Saya sudahi ucapan saya dengan kalimah suci Wabilllahi Taufik Walhidayah Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh dan Selamat Sejahtera.

Terima Kasih

Johan Ishak


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