Saturday, December 18, 2010 at 11:57 AM

Title: Prince the Cat
Medium: Photography
Photographer: Johan Ishak
Model: Prince the Cat
Time/Date: 10:00am; 19 Dec 2010
Venue: 24 Jln 13/11C Shah Alam

ATS, I am allergic to. Almost all of my family members are allergic to cats. To make things complicated, I got married to a family that loves cats. To set the record straight, I don't hate cats. I love cats. I am just allergic to them. I do play around with cats,... but not for too long. The fur attacks my nose like an Iraqi scud. Nevertheless, I always have Rinafort to help ease my sinus attacks,.. but, I get drowsy and go to sleep. So, if I play with cats, you can expect me to sleep afterwards,.. and don't even think of asking me to drive.

Lately, somehow, I have a cat that sleeps, dine and shit at my backyard but disappears for adventures outside if he is not doing any of those 3. Although he does spend sometime looking at my fishes in the aquarium and he runs off when my boy, Daniel, goes after him. This cat is probably mix Persian and something else. We call him Prince. Every night when I am back from work, Prince come by and looks at me. Guess what, we exchange brain waves and what was transpired in that exchange is decoded in the below so called 'conversations':

ME: Not quite sure what breed are you. Bengal-Persian I was told though
PRINCE: (Sounds like they'll be making carpets out of me)

ME: Oh man, look at fungal on your eye! I'm bringing you to the Vet
PRINCE: (It's not fungal lah, I had a fight last nite)

ME: Hey! Can you help me with this deferred tax problem?
PRINCE: Miowww
ME: Hey! that's a good idea. Why didn't I think of that?

ME: Whatcha lookin at?!
PRINCE: (Your fat tummy)

ME: Hey you have cockroaches eating your food!
PRINCE: (That's how crappy the things you give me. I want Kurau please)

ME: Go get a girlfriend will yer?
PRINCE: (Blastard, for what? They cut my birdie long time ago)

ME: Why are you so cherpy today?
PRINCE: (My cousin is here Malaysia. His name is Cat Stevens)

ME: Why do you always have to come home late?
PRINCE: (Hmmm... What are you doing up so late?)

ME: Ahah, the maid is back from Indon. I don't have to deal with u now
PRINCE: (I prefer ladies serving me anyway)

ME: Aiyo, how will u survive without me huh?
PRINCE: (No worries, I have 8 more lives at my disposal)

ME: What are you? Persian? Somalian?
PRINCE: (Malaysian you fool! I was born in Bangi)

ME: Hey you fat cat! Come here!
PRINCE: (Look who's talking)

ME: Oooo.... look there, little Daniel is approaching!
PRINCE: (Oh shit! It's the menace! Help! Help me!)

ME: Why the hell did you poo on the floor?
PRINCE: (Last I remembered, the litter was there. Why did you change its location?)

ME: Prince, come inside now!
PRINCE: (Call me King, then I'll go inside)

ME: Prince, your fur is triggering my sinus! Damn!
PRINCE: (Yeah, yeah, blame me for your weaknesses, sucker!)

VET: The fungal turns red. Don't be alarmed. It's the blood vessel bringing medication to the infected areas
PRINCE: (Don't be alarmed??!! I'm half blind you asshole)

WIFEY: Why are you taking so long to lock the gate?
ME: Errrr.. I was talking to Prince
PRINCE: (Take that! Hahahahah)

SEELAN PAUL: Ooo! Patutlah lambat submit presentation, rupa-rupanya you have to present it to your cat first
ME: Errrrr... heh....

" ....... Cats are amazing. They listen to your talks like they know what's happening "
Quotation by Geordjoe


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