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UITARS are really cool, especially solos. It can have a very profound impact to your spiritual well being. When the notes and melodies of a solo piece touches your heart, and at that point you close your eyes, you know that that aesthetic appreciation has transcended your awareness of existence to a dream land where nothing else matters other than the music in your soul. It is as if you found God. Remember that moment when you sip your black coffee after a long and tiring day? Remember that sweetness of water when the sun sets and you break your fast? Remember that last puff of ciggarettes when yhou decided to quit? Remember that first making of love when you lost your virginity? Well, that's what I'm talking about. Pure blissfulness enveloped by the goodness of life. I hate to extend this poetic thoughts further. To cut short, why not I share the most influential guitar solos, at least those that have a long lasting heartfelt scar on my musical soul. They are, not in any particular order:

Master of Puppets
Guitarist: James Hetfield of Metallica (yup! not Hammett)
Guitar: ESP
Genre: Heavy Metal
Go to Minute 3:30 at link

Stairway to Heaven
Guitarist: Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin
Guitar: Gibson Les Paul
Genre: Rock and Roll
Go to Minute 1:20 at link

Theme from Godfather
Guitarist: Slash of Guns n' Roses
Guitar: Gibson Les Paul
Genre: Classics
Go to Minute 0:00 at link

Child in Time
Guitarist: Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple
Guitar: Fender Stratocaster
Genre: Hard Rock
Go to Minute 0:00 at link

Another Brick in the Wall
Guitarist: David Gilmour of Pink Floyd
Guitar: Fender Stratocaster
Genre: Mild Rock
Go to Minute 3:53 at link

Still Got the Blues
Guitarist: Gary Moore
Guitar: Gibson Les Paul
Genre: Blues Rock
Go to Minute 3:43 at link

Guitarist: Yngwie J Malmsteen
Guitar: Fender Stratocaster
Genre: Classical Rock
Go to Minute 0:00 at link

Always With Me, Always With You
Guitarist: Joe Satriani
Guitar: Ibanez JS Series
Genre: Slow Rock
Go to Minute 0:00 at link

Texas Flood
Guitarist: Stevie Ray Vaughan of Double Trouble
Guitar: Fender Stratocaster
Genre: Blues
Go to Minute 0:20 at link

Little Wing
Guitarist: Jimi Hendrix
Guitar: Fender Stratocaster
Genre: Freakish Blues
Go to Minute 0:00 at link

There are more actually but 10 would suffice for the time being. I will share more when I remember more tunes from my CD collections or iTunes. So, ya, remember to close your eyes, blast the volume and let your mind fly when the notes hit your heart.


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