Tuesday, February 5, 2013 at 3:18 PM
Title: Paradise / Jannah
Medium: Bitumen/Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension: 120cm X 180cm
Artist: Nizam Rahmat of Garaj
Acquisition Date: 5 February 2013


Recently, I met Nizam Rahmat for coffee at Uncle Don, Plaza Damas. We talked about art especially on the recent solo show done by Md. Fadli Yusoff via Shoosie's Art Space 12 at White Box. Coincidentally, his wife, a TV announcer at RTM, had just interviewed me on live broadcasted TV show on the subject matter 'art' (as well). I asked him, "Why do you do pop art?" He said, "I have passed the excitement of doing all other genre. My time is pop art now." I disagreed with him. I said, "Bro, you shouldn't abandon genres that may still be in demand. Many new collectors in the recent times prefer genres other than pop. For example the Malays, or the Muslims, they want contemporary mystical Islamic art. Even if not Islamic in its true sense, a mere Jawi is enough to have the Islamic attraction." Later, after a week or so, Nizam did something. I'm not sure whether he actually went to his studio to do a new piece or simply went through his personal collection to pull out his own work of 'Islamic' genre. He introduced me to Jannah dated 2013, his mixed media work to manifest paradise. 'Jannah' is an Islamic conception of paradise. In Arabic 'Jannah' is a shortened version of the meaning 'Garden'. And so it is then. Paradise, for a 5th acquisition. Nizam could only say, "Bro, you inspired me to restart doing Islamic art."


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