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Title: Buana I & II (... a start to a series of expression)
Medium: Computer Graphics (Microsoft Paintbrush)
Artist: Johan Ishak
Time/Date: {Time not recorded}, 14 December 1994
Place of creation: South Yarra, Australia

S mentioned in my earlier blog, in 1993/1994, I got hooked with computer graphics for a while. Instead of plagarising some rock album cover, I decided to express what I feel and what was lingering in my grey matter between the two ears. So I came out with the Buana series. Yup, the name "Buana" was actually already in my vocabulary those days, even back in 1990 when I was in secondary school. It simply means world/dimension.

So the Buana series had begun. What do I express when I am referring to world/dimension? Well, you will find the below series of computer graphics depicting the various dimensions as described below. Buana I & II are images potrayed above and the rest are in separate blogs subsequent to this.

The links to all the BUANA series are as follows:

BUANA I: The physical
BUANA II: The spiritual
BUANA III: The creation
BUANA IV: The environment
BUANA V: The destruction
BUANA VI: The after-Death
BUANA VII: The civilisation
BUANA VIII: The passion and love

Well you'll have to wait for the subsequent blogs for Buana III to Buana VIII. For now, Buana I & Buana II are presented for your own interpretation. The graphics are somewhat distorted because I had to extract from an obsolete 3 1/4 inch diskette, but still able to demonstrate the artistic form of these pieces.

Buana I & Buana II representing "Physical" and "Spiritual" dimensions of life are actually the building blocks of life from two forces like ying and yang, a balanced existence, a symetrical creation by God Almighty, a dual partnership of sensibility necessary for existence itself, the very life we are living. Imagine a body without a soul, a song without melody, Male without Female! and the all divinity hypothesis of humanity without God. These are truly armageddon, an apocalypse to biblical proportion (... exaggeration after watching the movie 2012). I leave it to you to interpret and value life..... embrace the vibes of the Buana.


  1. Jord Says:

    now i know what Buana means!! i go oooooooo..
    what happens after Buana 8?

  2. Johan Says:

    8 is a special number.. nothing happens after Buana 8. 8, if you rotate 90 degrees either way, will give you "infinity", a sign of perpetuity force at work. Hence, you don't need to express your thoughts anymore - just let it be - a Masonic inclination to symbolism. 8 is also "Ong" (Luck) for Chinese, so let is stop at where the Luck is.

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