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Title: Buana III
Medium: Computer Graphics (Microsoft Paintbrush)
Artist: Johan Ishak
Time/Date: {Time not recorded}, 14 December 1994
Place of creation: South Yarra, Australia

S a continuation from my earlier blog, I present you BUANA III, my computer graphics expression of the world from "Creation" perspective. Unlike BUANA I & II where the subject matter was a wholesome view of the world, this one focuses only on the topic "Creation" - whilst myopic in its scope, it's a powerful subject for digestion and reflection.

I believe the word "Nature" is quite deceiving when some groups of scientists tried to imagine the existence of the world visible to us today as an unexpected event that happened for no particular reasons and simply by accident - hence labelling it as "Nature". For that reason alone, I refuse to use that particular word to describe all the things I can see in this world. For lack of better word, and my religious conscience, "Creation" would suffice - implying that there ought to be a creator, a concept even the Atheists agree deep down inside.

BUANA III in particular shows the "Creation" of human beings, a magical phenomenon of "Creation" by its mere simplicity of liquid biochemicals evolving into complex structure forming Homo Sapiens. I could have chosen other visual such as the Big Bang or a bean sprout shooting off the ground but human beings are interesting. Why? well, despite their weaknesses, they appear to be the supreme controlling creature or "Creation" on Planet Earth, a God-given-trust which is not necessarily carried out appropriately. You will find that most of the remaining expressions for the BUANA series revolve around human beings, that "trust" and their development. So, watch out for BUANA IV onwards......

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