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Title: Buana VIII
Medium: Computer Graphics (Microsoft Paintbrush)
Artist: Johan Ishak
Time/Date: {Time not recorded}, 19 December 1994
Place of creation: South Yarra, Australia

HIS is the last of the BUANA series. I think the subject matter of BUANA VIII, "Passion & Love", is present in all of the BUANA presented earlier. It serves as the common platform to which the various aspects of live can be associated with as demonstrated below:

BUANA I: The physical - What more can I say other than "Lust", a sensual enlightenment for one's appreciation of the physical beauty, be it sexually, warmth of a parental hug or even love for art (sculptures, paintings, music, literature, etc).

BUANA II: The spiritual - An innner feeling of desire, the very essence on which "Love" exists for whatever targets, be it companionship, knowledge or God. The drive for many leading icons such as Muhammad p.b.u.h for Allah and his Ummah, Gautama Buddha for Nirvana and abolishment of sufferings, Jesus Christ (Isa) p.b.u.h for his followers and God, Moses (Musa) p.b.u.h for Yahweh and freedom of the Hebrew and Abraham (Ibrahim) p.b.u.h for his quest for the True One God.

BUANA III: The creation - This would probably be the consequence of BUANA I & II which manifests itself in various context such as reproduction or the intention of Creator Himself for embarking on the act of creation (eg. The Holy text that translates into "God wouldn't have created man and genies if not for them to worship Him, ie. To Love Him!). God even created Eve (Hawa) for his love to Adam p.b.u.h.

BUANA IV: The environment - The appreciation of Mother Earth is an aspect of love, nature's lover, such as the Green Peace, the fight against global warming, Kyoto Convention and the like.

BUANA V: The destruction - Often the result of love as well. Many wars were caused by "Love" such as Helen of Troy, or was it Helen of Sparta? that had the big wooden horse at work. King Henry's love for his wives practically destructed the relevance of Roman Catholic in England with the rise of Anglican Church. Love of God in the numerous Holy Wars between the Crusaders and the Islamic Warriors went on for ages. Love of the supreme race, Aryan, by Bismark and Hitler caused the 2 huge World Wars. Love for the Queen by 007 just enhances James' charismatic charm. The clash between the house of Capulet and Montague for the forbidden love between Romeo and Juliet is also a good example. And who would have thought that the love for the land of the rising sun and its emperor by the pilots of the Kamikaze fighter jets resulted in the bombing of Pearl Harbour, or worse, the atomic response against Hiroshima.

BUANA VI: The after-Death - The degree of love by the Creator to Its creations. Well, if you go to hell, its "negative love" I suppose. Wherever you end up in, the fact is, most religion preaches God's merciful attribute by promising the gardens of heaven to those who loves Him.

BUANA VII: The civilisation/technology - Born out of "Philosophy" which is literally a combination of "Philo", Greek for "Love"; and "Sophy", Arabic for knowledge; ie Love for Knowledge - A jump start to many scientific discoveries that led humanity to its magnificent civilisation/technology from the ancient Eastern Chinese Empire to the Western Industrial Revolution.

Of course, what is apparent in my blogs, is the reflection of my love for art, in whatever form.

The links to all the BUANA series are as follows:

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    well done Johan.. always knew your art interest would take you far.. take care and may Allah protect you always..

  2. Johan Says:

    May I know who made the comments above?

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