Sunday, June 6, 2010 at 5:48 PM

Title: Deep Green Jeep
Medium: Lego (Model #6743 "Creator" for 6-12 years old)
Artists: Daniel Ariff
Time/Date: 9:00pm, 6 June 2010
Place of creation: Shah Alam

ANIEL just graduated from completing Lego Set: 3 in 1, Model #6743 "Creator" for 6-12 years old). This set is a 3 in 1, ie. 3 different objects can be built from the same set of lego pieces. Daniel had in the past completed the 1st and 2nd objects, ie. a sportscar and an F1 vehicle, as blogged in Lego Sportscar: A Birthday Boy's Legacy and F1 Lego Challenge respectively. The former he did it alone without Daddy's help except that Daddy had to remind him to keep on looking at the instruction manual. The latter Daniel was a bit lazy, hence Daddy had to make it interesting by changing the task to a Lego Challenge whereby Daddy had to build an F1 vehicle as well. Daniel won the challenge coz Daddy's lego pieces lack tyres. Today, being motivated after having done the first two projects mentioned earlier, he accomplished the last object, a 4-wheeler, hence completing all 3 out of 3. Looks like Daddy will have to buy new lego sets. Daniel likes cars, so I guess I'll keep on buying lego sets for cars and occasionally will introduce airplanes, helicopters, boats, etc. Proudly, do have a glance through the photographs of the 4-wheeler below, a deep green jeep:


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