Sunday, June 6, 2010 at 12:59 PM

Title: F1 Lego Challenge
Medium: Lego (Model #6743 "Creator" for 6-12 years old) vs Free Style
Artists: Daniel Ariff (Manual) vs Johan Ishak (Free Style)
Time/Date: 9:00pm, 5 June 2010
Place of creation: Shah Alam

S a continuation from Daniel's adventure as blogged at Lego Sportscar: A Birthday Boy's Legacy, Daniel embarked on another lego challenge. This time it was a competition with Daddy. The lego set that Daniel has is actually a 3 in 1 whereby you can build 3 different vehicles at separate attempts. He did a sportscar earlier and now it was time for the second mode, an F1 vehicle. For Daniel, it was again, another cool capsicum green vehicle but for Daddy, it's red hot chilli peppers. Daniel followed the manual with instructions quite diligently but Daddy on the other hand, worked his way free-styled using other lego pieces from Daniel's old toy boxes.


Of course the green car looks cooler because the set was manufactured to have pieces that resemble car parts. For Daddy it was difficult because none of the pieces came from any car sets (probably it was from some generic lego set bought earlier). So Daniel had nice curvy pieces and what not. In the end, Daddy sort of lost the challenge because Daddy was struck with a checkmate. Why? Well,.. Daddy didn't have tyres to complete the vehicle. So, for purposes of this blog, Daddy borrowed Daniel's 4 tyres and wallahhhhh!!!! a Red F1 vehicle, a competitor to the Green F1 vehicle - Ferrari vs Petronas-Sauber? or Shell vs BP? oh I know,... Marlboro vs Salem. Anyways, here are the photo shots of the 2 F1 models:


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