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Title: Pantai Asmara Penang
Medium: Water Colour
Dimension: 27.3cm X 37.5cm
Artist: Johan Ishak
Time/Date: {Time not recorded}, 1 Dec 1992
Place of Creation: Shah Alam
Given as a gift to Dato' (Dr) Mohamed Ishak Ariff

HE ending months of 1992 was a leisure period after having gone through the exams (SPM) for high school. Knowing my interest in art, my father had given me a photo he shot up north in the Island of Penang for me to paint. Not having any experience in oil, water colour was the best choice at that time.

This panorama is meant to highlight the soothing feeling of passion and love which is appropriately displayed by a backdrop of sunset and overlooking a row of Casuarina by the beach side. What gave the name for this area is the rock island on the far left inwards the bay. This rock island is called "Lovers' Isle", an Isle for which lovers spend their time watching the sunset and carving their love declaration on the rock. The beach was therefore named "Pantai Asmara", Malay for "Lovers' Beach".


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