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Title: Solitary
Medium: Multimedium (Pencils and Water Colour)
Dimension: 27.3cm X 37.5cm
Artist: Johan Ishak
Time/Date: {Time not recorded}, 25 Feb 1995
Place of Creation: Shah Alam
Given as a gift to Dato' (Dr) Mohamed Ishak Ariff

HIS piece was done in 1995, couple of hours before my flight back to Melbourne to resume my studies in the Australian Autumn. It's a pencil work for the main object, i.e. the Moose on the side of a hill; and water coloured red sun to complement the "Solitary" mood set by the Moose. There is no history behind this work other than an attempt to do a multimedium piece of art. The original backdrop is actually white but photography without flash lights (to avoid reflection on the glass cover framing the piece) had somewhat given an antique and seasoned effects like that of an Egyptian papyrus - reinforced by the tiny vertical and horizontal pencil lines at the fringe of the hill side sketch.

The mood set in this piece is "Solitary": A lonely hoofed mammal of the forests of northern North America seeking for enlightenment from the glowing red hot sun above. The sketch-like hill side was an idea plagarised from Japanese drawings often found in Asian hotels' lobbies. The red sun is meant to be a red-wax stamp but in the absence of such waxing material, thick water colour was sufficient to allow the word "Solitary" to be carved on the red-filled circle.

5 years after this piece was done, another same concept piece was done in 2000 called Solitary II. A photography version was also expressed in Solitary III.


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