Monday, November 9, 2009 at 1:56 AM

Title: Solitary II
Medium: Multimedium (Pencils and Water Colour)
Dimension: 37.5cm X 27.3cm
Artist: Johan Ishak
Time/Date: {Time and date not recorded}, 2000
Place of Creation: Shah Alam
Given as a gift to Dato' (Dr) Mohamed Ishak Ariff

HIS piece was done in the year 2000, 5 years from the first attempt of a multimedium piece, Solitary, as published in another blogspot earlier. Again, it's a pencil work for the main object, a Sun Bear by a cracked vertical metamorphic rock wall; complemented by water coloured yellow sun and yellow flowers of a Bonzai-like plant supporting a bee hive.

Similar to the earlier piece Solitary, this one tells a story of a lonely Sun Bear living in the wild feasting on honey from bees... except that, this poor creature has not quite reached his meal. With its front left leg sticking out, the creature is expressing its frustration, desire and a subliminal message of a lonely creature helpless without any companion to share his agony.

So far I have only done 2 pieces of the "Solitary" series in Oil Painting, this one being "Solitary II". A Photography version was also done is Solitary III.


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