Monday, November 16, 2009 at 12:45 AM

Title: The Trio
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Dimension: Each panel at 50cm X 20cm
Artist: Johan Ishak
Time/Date: {Time not recorded}, 12 Feb 2006
Place of Creation: Chiswick, London
Current Location: This work is no longer in existence as it has been transformed into Asma'ul Husna

HIS is my 3rd attempt of oil on canvas. Many painters explored the idea of multiple pieces to a story when painting. Well, this is my exploration. Three pieces rectangular canvases with the same motives, each complement each other for a complete appreciation - thus requiring all three to be hung together side by side on the wall. Unlike my other oil on canvas work, this one has no colour mixing nor blending tones. This is simply a two-flat-colour painting, beige for the background and dark brown for the plant shoots.

There is no story to this piece. It has no meaning to be interpreted. It is simply my attempt to plagarise a painting displayed in a Home Decor magazine for which my wife fell in love with. We decided to have the painting hung on the wall at home to match the colour scheme of our lounge, i.e. beige-white neo-classical look. I haven't really given a name to this work but for this blog, I think, it is most appropriate to call it "THE TRIO"


  1. Boontaq Says:

    berapa mau jual??

  2. Johan Says:

    Boontaq, if you want, RM1,000 altho my son said "Sell for RM8 like Mommy's sale of bookmarks". It is sentimental value to me as it is my 3rd oil on canvas attempt and the only oil on canvas by me in my possession. The 1st acquired by my sister and the 2nd acquired by a pilot, Capt. Riziad. Let me know what you feel.

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