Monday, January 21, 2013 at 1:29 AM
Johan Ishak, 1:01am, 20 January 2013, Shah Alam


The light in my eyes
Tortures my soul
Witnessing all the sins
.. of this manic world
Oh! Have these people not realised?
... of their sins at all?
The silence in the sky
Has now disappeared
And has become a melancholic arpeggio
Stabbing all that comes
Like hurdling into the ocean
... full of sharp corals
Listen to the air
Something is on its way
The destroyer shall come
The destroyer shall arrive
From all angles of this world
And when that fear emerges
The destroyer will still come
With that heat you will feel
On that pathetic skin of yours
Being eaten by insects from the Earth
That devours you into its core
You'll wish that you were in a dream
You'll wish that you had realised your sins
You will repent, but then,
... it would have been too late


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