Monday, January 21, 2013 at 2:12 AM
Title: Visitors
Medium: Poem & Computer Graphics
(Microsoft Paintbrush)
Artist: Johan Ishak
Time/Date: 1:31am, 21 Jan 2013
Place of creation: Shah Alam


We have been disillusioned
With the assumption
... that we are the masters
And that we are here permanently
But we are visitors
Visitors of the dusk
When the clock strikes
We will no longer stay
For we are mere visitors
With nothing to offer
And when we leave
We can only be judged by our deeds
Let us find the way home
Let us not drown ourselves
Let us hope we see the path
Let us not forget where we come from
Let us not forget
... that we are mere visitors
Have we not sinned enough?
With the wealth and power
That we all take for granted?
We are mere visitors
With just the soul and body
But when we return,
We have nothing to offer
We have nothing to offer?


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