Saturday, January 16, 2010 at 2:49 PM
Title: Batman
Medium: Computer Graphics (Microsoft Paintbrush)
Artist: Johan Ishak
Time/Date: (Time and date not recorded) 1994
Place of creation: South Yarra, Australia

T is 2:50pm on 16 January 2010 and I am still at the desk top waiting for my wife to get ready for Aaron's Superhero birthday party far far away in Setiawangsa.. i repeat far far away (for dudes in Shah Alam,.. Ampang and its proximity is indeed far far away especially when the trafic sucks - sorry for swearing,.. for lack of better words).

Anyway, I am already in my dark grey t-shirt with a black Batman logo on it. Daniel is running around the house with his black cape and proudly displaying his yellow Batman logo on his t-shirt. Poor Daniel, Daddy and Mommy forgot to buy a black eye mask. So, while waiting for the lady putting on her lipstick to match the metallic pink bat logo on her black t-shirt, I decided to post a blog of my paintbrush work on, surprise, surprise,... the Bat logo. Its simple, vibrant, no deviation from its original form as trademarked by DC Comics,.. and what satisfied me most is the perfect simmetrical flip I had done using paintbrush to get the left vs right accuracy. I hereby present you,.... the Batman emblem:


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