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Title: Yarra Ghetto
Medium: Computer Graphics (Microsoft Paintbrush)
Artist: Johan Ishak and Nazri Mat Salleh
Time/Date: (Time and date not recorded) 1995
Place of creation: South Yarra, Australia

N the beginning, there was Sandy Line Inc., a football team of those who lived along Sandringham line in Melbourne, mostly in South Yarra. Of course this was a team of hooligans who had fun playing football and no hopes to win the 7-aside Malaysian student tournament.

I was in on the field for 5 minutes and had the opportunity to dribble the ball face to face with the opponent's goalie,.. of course it was off-side. Being the heavy-smoker I was/am, 5 minutes was enough to drain my energy and I collapsed with a cramped calf,.... there goes my hope of scoring the only goal in my lifetime. Nevertheless, we had fun. The line ups were: Jin, Tom, Shimi, Arthur, Mosh, myself and a couple others whom I have forgotten. We created our own jersey plagarising Vision Street Wear as follows:

The winning team was another bunch of Malaysians. They called themselves, The Ghetto Boys. The Ghetto Boys were magnificent but unfortunately, most of them completed their studies the following year and they were left with just a few that did not make up the 7.

So that year, being the final year for most of the Sandy Line dudes as well as the remaining Ghetto Boys, a merger was unavoidable. It was our final year in Melbourne and the Petronas team seemed to be in tip top shape. With the desire to deprive the Petronas team from taking away the title, Yarra Ghetto was formed consisting the original line ups from Sandy Line and Shankar and gang from the Ghettos.... and an import from the Royal Malaysian Army, can't remember his name,.. was it Suria? Anyway, this military guy was cool,..... he kept on referring to the opponents as "Musuh".

....and so we won,... the Ghettos maintained the title but this time with the synergy of the South Yarrans, all proud to display our new emblem below:

...and my jersey, No.9:


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